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Knife-Proof Clothing (from Japan, of course)

knife proof clothing

Madre offers a range of clothing that they claim is knife proof but still looks like normal clothes.

The clothes are offered in various styles and colors and the range includes undershirts, sweatshirts, and coats, and you can even get it embroidered (who wants one with "go on , knife me, I dare ya!" on the back?).

This superhuman ability to resist knife attacks doesn't come cheap: $800 for a sweatshirt, so wannabe superheroes and vigilantes had better start saving.

(Madre, via I4U)

Clone your Kitty

cloned kittens

"Genetic Savings & Clone", a pet cloning company, has announced the first commercially produced clone, a kitten called Little Nicky that cost it's new owner $50,000.

Little Nicky is a clone of (unsurprisingly) a cat called Nicky who died aged 17.

For your $50k "GSC will provide you with a video of the cloning process, birth of your clone, presentation party and dinner as a personal keepsake and remembrance. Your video will be provided in either VHS and DVD format."

7 people have signed up so far at $50k each to get a clone of their cat, and it isn't clear how many more have signed up for Genetic Savings & Clone's storage service where for $295 to $1395 (plus $100 a year) you can get your pets DNA stored.

Oh, and if your pet dies suddenly they have instructions to put your pet in the refridgerator (don't freeze it) and arrange for a biopsy immediately.

Hmm, we love our dog Buddy, but probably not to the extent of $50k, especially when there are so many good dogs and cats being euthanized every day in animal shelters. So if your pet dies don't give 50k to Genetic Savings & Clone, donate some money to your local animal shelter and get a new pet that would otherwise be killed.

Genetic Savings & Clone (via slashdot)

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X-Files Guy creates Gadget


Dean Haglund (one of the 3 geeks from the X-Files that got his own TV series that was a flop) has become an inventor:

He has created a device that draws heat away from the CPU on your laptop.

No, not a little fan (Schulyer Wheeler invented the electric fan in 1886), the X-Files guy invented one of those gel pack things (like doctors and nurses use for reducing swelling instead of a bag of peas) but here's the clever bit: it eliminates condensation, which for obvious reasons is a "good thing" as computers and water don't mix.

One word of warning guys, don't chill it too much then use it on your lap with your laptop: I imagine frostbitten balls are very unpleasant.

Probably coming to an infomercial near you soon (or alternatively available for $19.99 (via paypal) on

Solar Powered Backpack

Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack

One downside to the wonderful new gadgets coming out these days is that they all seems to chew through batteries faster than our dog chews through treats.

Voltaic have a solution with their Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack: it has 3 solar cells on the back connected to a 2200mAh 7.2v battery pack so you can recharge your gadgets while out and about.

The Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack comes with an AC and car charger for when the sun isn't enough, and includes a set of adapters for many common phones, 7 universal DC adapters plugs to replicate the chargers of many PDAs, MP3 players etc, and if all else fails there is a car charger adapter that lets you use your gadget's existing car charger with the Voltaic.

The Voltaic was announced months ago for pre-order but is now shipping and costs $229.

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Unusual Slappa Case Review

slappa cd cases review

A while back we reviewed some Slappa CD/DVD cases.

Livedigitally has now posted their review of the same cases, but they approached the review process a little differently:

They poured coffee on it, they poured raw eggs on it, they sat on it, they squeezed it, they stood on it, they dropped it 50 feet, and finally (probably after smoking something they shouldn't) they covered it in lighter fluid and set fire to it.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Livedigitally Slappa Review

Hands-Free.... Umbrella

hands free umbrella

In Japan (surprise, surprise) there is now an umbrella with a twisty handle that can be wrapped around your shoulder for hands-free operation.

This would actually be useful to me.... on wet and windy New York days like today it is a real pain in the -bleep- to walk the dog, holding a leash in one hand and both an umbrella and a poop bag in the other hand.

Oh, and on the popgadget page linked below, am I the only one that thinks it is dangerous wrapping an umbrella around the shoulders of a small lightweight child on a windy day???

(popgadget via ubergizmo)

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USB Sushi Drives

USB Sushi drives

Today's addition to wierd USB device hall of fame are these sushi shaped USB drives.

The drives come in 32mb and 128mb flavors and are currently available only in, surprise surprise, Japan.

Prices are $60 to $80, but I think I will be waiting for a fish head shaped 2gb drive.

(via solidalliance)

Hovering Vacumn Cleaner

hovering vacumn cleaner

Shiny Shiny (no relation) found an interesting gadget: a Vacumn cleaner that uses a (presumably sealed) air filled cushion to reduce the apparent weight to the user and make it glide smoothly over your carpet, hardwood floors, or swimming pool :)

The Airider vacuum cleaner will be available in the UK soon and it sounds fast:

"1400-Watt Thermal protected high-speed fan motor, creating 192 MPH high velocity airflow for maximum suction at base of hose, Air rider having higher Air Watts cleans more dirt. Thermal cut-off protects your motor from overheating "

Airrider Systems

(via Shiny Shiny)

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Dream Machine

dream machine

What would you like to dream about?

According to CNN a Japanese company has a new gadget that will let you dream about anything you want: program in a picture, music, and keywords, and go to sleep.......

Hmm, sounds a bit suspect to me.... it will be interesting to hear if it actually works: according to the article it had a 22% success rate.

More from CNN

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Blog you Vedy Much!

andy kaufman back from the dead

The Award for biggest online buzz of the day has to be the alleged return from the dead of comedian Andy Kaufman, announced in his new blog, and coming soon to a Starbucks near you!

Conspiracy theorists have long thought that Andy faked his own death in 1984 and would reappear on the 20th anniversary of his "death".... Im sceptical that this really is Andy but it doesn't matter if it is Andy or a hoxer as it's a great joke either way.

The spirit of Andy Kaufman lives on in this surreal use of a blog.

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Eye Jewelry Bad

eye jewelry bad for you

Various news organizations and gadget sites reported recently on the new procedure developed in the Netherlands for implanting jewelry into your eyeball.

We told you the BBC reported that this can be very dangerous and could cause bleeding and scarring, and now the American Academy of Ophthalmology has come out against the procedure:

"My concern would be that it might cause foreign body granuloma or scar tissue," said Academy spokesperson, Wayne Bizer, D.O., a comprehensive ophthalmologist from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. "The implant could also allow bacteria to get beneath the conjunctiva causing a serious vision-threatening infection or possibly erode the sclera, the white part of the eye." Dr. Bizer added removing the implant may prove difficult if any of these problems are present.

Full Press Release

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Chip Head

chip in the head to control computers

NYTimes reports that the FDA has given approval for a company (Cyberkinetics Inc) to implant a computer chip into the brains of 5 paralyzed people that will hopefully enable them to operate a computer by thought alone.

Maybe in 5-10 years we will all be controlling embedded processors in everything we use by thought alone.

Update Slashdot is reporting on this now.

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