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LG Plasma HDTV with DVR

LG Plasma HDTV with DVR

LG has introduced a couple of new plasma HDTVs with built in DVR (digital video recorders).

While these look pretty we don't think this is a step in the right direction as there will always be problems with the cable and satellite providers trying to control everyone's TV experience.

These TV work with the "industry standard" CableCARD, the same CableCARD system that nearly every US cable and satellite provider is ignoring. A perfect example of this is Time Warner Cable who have a webpage devoted to proving how limited CableCARD is and how you are better off with their set-top box. The main downside of CableCARD is that it is one-way only so you can't get Pay-Per-View or your cable companies program guide.

Other downsides to these TVs are their cost ($15k for 60-inch and $8k for 50-inch) and small storage capacity (just 12 hrs of HDTV).

We think this is convergence gone wrong and that for the same amount of money you could get a great LCD TV along with a terabyte sized storage solution and a media center PC.

(via Gear Live)

Buffalo LinkTheater

buffalo linktheater

If you are looking to stream video, music, and photos from your PC to a TV and are concerned about some of the drawbacks of the Microsoft Media Center edition software with Media Center extenders then the Buffalo LinkTheater could be the answer:

Unlike a Media Center Extender it supports all popular video formats including Xvid and DivX (allowing much smaller files sizes).

Unlike a Media Center Extender you can stream HDTV (720p and 1080i).

Unlike a Media Center Extender the LinkTheater has a built-in DVD player.

The downside to this extra functionality is that the LinkTheater isn't designed to talk to a media center PC so you can't browse TV listings, watch live TV, or schedule recordings.

(Buffalo Product Page)

Guess What We're Watching?

Sharp LC45GX6U 45 inch LCD

Technically it is known as the Sharp LC45GX6U, but to us it is 45 inches of High Definition LCD TV goodness.

We saw it in person at the CES show in Vegas, and opened our wallet. Yes, we didnt blag, beg, borrow, or steal this to review, we bought it, for you our loyal readers (well maybe we bought it for ourselves as well!).

Here's is the short review:

Wow! this thing f**king rocks!

A long review will follow next week.

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We were lusting after so many nice TVs on the CES show floor today that we had to share.

First up is the largest TV in the world, a 102" plasma from Samsung that will probably cost a outrageously lust-deflating bank-account-emptying amount:

More after the jump......

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More LG LCD TV Details


We had the scoop on the new big LCD TV from LG earlier today and now we have more details.

The new 55" LCD TV will have 1920x1080 pixel (1080p HDTV resolution) and both digital and analog tuners. There will also be new 42, 37, and 30" LCDs that have 720p resolution.

LG also announced some new Plasma TVs including a massive 71" plasma tv with 1080p resolution that costs an equally massive $75k.

Engadget has a bigger photo of the LCD TV

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Nevo SL Universal Controller

Nevo SL Universal Controller

If you have a high-end audio-video solution and/or a media pc and you want a high-end remote control to go with it you can't go far wrong with the Nevo SL.

The Nevo SL is completely customizable via a web interface, supports universal plug and play, and sports a 203MHz Samsung processor, 32MB RAM / 64MB SDRAM, a color 3.5" 320x240 pixel LCD touch screen, has consumer IR and 802.11b Wi-Fi, a 1350mAh battery, and runs Windows CE.NET 4.2.

The Nevo SL is 4.78" x 1.98" x 0.76" and weighs 7.4oz. Cost is expected to be $799!

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Snippit: 55" LG LCD TV

Lg are going to be announcing a 55" LCD later today.

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Kreisen 30-inch LCD HDTV Review

Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch LCD HDTV Monitor Review

ecoustics have posted a review of the Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch LCD HDTV Monitor which displays 720p HDTV (1280x768 resolution).

Overall it seemed a good LCD for the price ($1349) but seemed to have a few too many cons to be someones main TV.

"It was hard not be impressed when I first viewed the Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch flat panel LCD HDTV monitor.
The HDTV over-air-picture was stunning when I watched Monday Night Football in high definition (720p). The LCD handled bright scenes very well, and at times the picture looked 3-dimesional in HD."

"Only after extended viewing did I start to notice some of its shortcomings. Reds seemed to be over-emphasized, and the picture at times seemed overly bright. Not surprisingly, the contrast and brightness settings were set almost all the way up, which is a common tactic manufacturers are using to make flat panels look better on a showroom floor."

Full review at ecoustics

HDTV Buying Guide

HDTV Buying Guide

Extremetech have updated their HDTV buying guide and here are their conclusions:

"HDTV is still evolving, and will no doubt continue to grow. In 2004, 50% of HDTVs sold had built-in HDTV tuners. By mid-2005, 100% of all HDTVs will be required by FCC mandate to have embedded HDTV tuners. Once tuner availability hits full penetration of new units sold, we'll likely see an avalanche of new content. Already, DirecTV has repurposed several satellites that were slated for data transmission and converted them to high-definition broadcasting. Those will be launched in the coming year.

So the transition is well under way. In the coming year, HDTVs will improve and hardware prices will drop. The only question is: When will you hop on the bandwagon? "

It is a shame that the US is still so far behind many other parts of the world wheh it comes to HDTV but it looks like things are finally moving forward more quickly.

More from Extremetech

FCC Power Grab

Susan Crawford found some very interesting wording in a legal brief filed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as part of a lawsuit brought by a number of advocacy groups over the Broadcast Flag (a mandate that by mid-2005 all devices capable of receiving a digital signal have to obey a flag settable by the networks to prevent copying).

Now this is bad in itself as it limits our rights to record a program for viewing at a later date but it gets worse: in the brief the FCC claims that they have regulatory power over "all instrumentalities, facilities, and apparatus associated with the overall circuit of messages sent and received via all interstate radio and wire communication."

So, if a Gadget (PC, Tivo, home distributed wiring control panel, wireless router, networked hard drive) is capable of receiving and/or transmitting on any digital file the FCC thinks they can regulate it and force manufacturers to support the broadcast flag.

Now the FCC is on a morality crusade at the moment, starting with Janet Jackson at the Superbowl and leading to 20 ABC affiliates refusing to air "Saving Private Ryan" on Veterans day because they were afraid of FCC fines over the violence and the F word, I don't want an organization like that trying to regulate my pc, my home network, and my internet use.

(Does the White House know? at Susan Crawford blog)

Dell Accessories Deals

Dell 20 inch LCD monitor

Dell Home has a bunch of coupons today:

Dell Axim X30 high Pocket PC: $379 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)
Dell Axim V50v VGA Pocket PC: $464 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)
Canon Powershot S500 5 megapixel digital camera: $324 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)
Canon Powershot S410 4 megapixel digital camera: $279 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)
Dell 2001fp 1600x1200 pixel 20 inch LCD monitor: $604 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)
Dell 2005fp 1680x1050 pixel widescreen 20 inch LCD monitor: $644 with free shipping (use $35 off $350 code)

$35 off $350 accessories purchase with code BPDHZ0CHM?ZBLZ (expires 11/11/04)

25% off $999 Inspiron laptops with code 2WL7WMLD3Q4G23 (expires 11/15/04)
25% off $1299 Dimension desktops with code M60LDQM2TH?N37 (expires 11/18/04)
30% off $1799 Dimension desktops with code 3TB6R405280WT1 (expires 11/18/04)

(above codes replace the 15% to 25% discounts shown for desktops and laptops)

HDTV Listings

HDTV Listings

CNET has an excellent guide showing which programs on broadcast and cable/satellite TV are broadcast in high definition, it even goes so far as to tell you which are in 720p format and which are in 1080i.

Channels listed include: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, UPN, WB, Bravo HD+, Comcast SportsNet, Discovery HD Theater, Encore HD, ESPN HD, HBO HDTV, HDNet, HDNet Movies, INHD/INHD2, The Movie Channel HD, MSG Network, NBA TV, Showtime HDTV, Starz HD, and TNT-HD.

CNET HDTV Listings

TitanTV Listings (thanks KCT)

(via pocketmediathoughts)

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Samsung Develops Thin CRT TV

Samsung Develops Thin CRT TV

Samsung has announced a new 32 inch CRT TV (cathode ray tube... you know, the big TVs we used to have before LCDs came along :)

The big selling point is that is is "only" 15 inches thick (compared to 20 to 25 inches for regular CRT TVs).

Maybe I will be mistaken and this will be a big seller but I doubt it: if you can afford to pay extra for a Thin CRT then why not pay a little more and get a 3 or 4 inch thick LCD TV?

LCD TVs are coming down in price and going up in screen size and quality, and in the next two years they will push plasma out of the market. The only decision I have to make is to replace my aging back projection TV with a 37 inch LCD or wait until 45 inch or larger comes down in price.

(via designtechnica)

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World's Biggest OLED

Sometimes writing this site seems more like the Guinness Book of World Records instead of gadget news, the main difference is that here the records change almost daily:

LG Philips broke the record for largest OLED (organic light emitting diode) display at the FPD show in Japan yesterday by showing off a 20.1 inch screen.

People (ok, geeks) get excited about OLED screens as they do not need a seperate backlight, so power consumption is lower and battery life is longer, and the screen is thinner.

(more from cnet)

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23 inch Monitor Reviews

23 inch monitor reviews

TrusterReviews hasa head to head review of two 23 inch monitors, the ViewSonic VP231wb and the hp 2335.

While these monitors are nice it would take a lot to get me paying more than twice what I paid for my dell 2001fp monitor for one of these.

Trusted Reviews review

(via pocketmediathoughts)

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Toshiba TDP-P7U Projector


Toshiba had a really light little projector at the digital life show.

The Toshiba TDP-P7U projects at 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution with 1100 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 200:1, but it only weighs 2.9 pounds.

The Toshiba TDP-P7U is 7.3" x 6.9" x 1.8", and connects to your PC via USB, RCA, D-Sub, S-Video and just about anything else you can think of. If you want one it will set you back about $1899.

Press release and photos below.

Continue reading "Toshiba TDP-P7U Projector"

Denali HDTV Media Center PC

Denali HDTV Media Center PC

Hush Technology fanless PCs are expensive but very very quiet, just what you need to go with your $10,000 65 inch LCD TV :)

Niveus has a new Media Center PC based on the Hush Technology called the Denali HDTV Media Center PC.

Just like you would image from a name like Denalt HDTV Media Center PC, you get a high definition video 8 channel 24 bit 192KHz audio behemoth that packs a 3.2GHz Pentuim 4, dual tuners, PCI-express graphics, and DVD recorder, into $4,000 worth of sweet sweet high definition AV goodness.

"Dear Santa, I've been a very good boy this year and I now know what I want for Christmas!"

(via gizmodo)

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Philips Streamium Wi-Fi LCD TV 23PF9976i

Philips Streamium Wi-Fi LCD TV 23PF9976i

Philips announced their Wi-Fi enabled 23 inch "Streamium" LCD TV back in April and it's looks like it is getting closer to reality.

Philips has now announced the Streamium Wi-Fi LCD TV 23PF9976i will be available in November through

Features of the Streamium Wi-Fi LCD TV 23PF9976i are:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity to your home network and online entertainment media – compatible with iFILM and Yahoo! Movies, Photos, and Games.
  • Philips PC Link – access to music, videos, and photos stored on a PC including the ability to tune into thousands of Internet radio station via the TV's on-screen menu.
  • Built-in FM Tuner – FM digital tuning with 40 presets.
  • Futureproof – The Streamium TV upgrades its own software to add new services, features, and media formats.
  • Audio Support – MP3, MP3 Pro, PCM, WAV
  • Video Support – MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD
  • Photo Support – JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG

No prices yet and no sign of it on the amazon site as of October 12th. Click the amazon link below to see if you can find it.

(via ehomeupgrade)

Samsung LT-P468W 46 inch LCD

Samsung LT-P468W 46 inch LCD

We are waiting for the 65" LCD that Sharp announced last week, but until that comes out the largest LCD TV you can buy is the Samsung LT-P468W 46 inch LCD.

Extremetech took a detailed look at the Samsung LT-P468W 46 inch LCD:

"Unless there's a magic combination of knobs and levers to change the panel's dark-scene performance characteristics, we're left with a big, bright LCD panel that despite some very good image quality in bright scenes, we still can't award it top marks."

Extremetech only gave the Samsung LT-P468W 46 inch LCD 7 out of 10.

(more from extremetech via ubergizmo)

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Sharp Aquos 65 Inch LCD TV

Sharp Aquos 65 Inch LCD TV

(Update: We got to see the Sharp 65" LCD TV at CES, click here for photos)
They are too late for this year's baseball playoffs but for the ultimate viewing experience next year check out the new LCD TV from Sharp.

The Sharp Aquos 65 Inch LCD TV announced today by Sharp is by far the world's largest LCD TV. The massive 65 inch diagonal screen will be almost 57 inches wide and 32 inches high, and will display a massive 6.2 megapixels (1920 x 1080 pixels) resulting in a great high-definition TV experience.

Sharp doesn't say much else in their press release (japanese) excelpt that the Sharp Aquos 65 inch LCD TV would be available in 2005 if they decide to go ahead with production.

Sharp's 45 inch LCD TV currently goes for around $7000 and thier 37 inch can be bought for close to $3000, so I would expect a 65 inch LCD TV to be introduced at $10000 and would fall to $7000 within a few months.

If you can't afford the 65 inch (and who can?), one side effect of this announcement is that prices for smaller LCDs should go lower.

LCD TVs typically outperform Plasma in screen life, picture quality, and brightness, so if you are in the market for a new TV don't forget to consider them.

Personally I am looking to buy a 30 to 40 inch LCD TV in the next year, I'm just waiting for the right price.

Sharp Mebius 26" LCD PVR TV

sharp mebius 26 inch PC LCD TV combo

Sharp has announced a 26" LCD TV and PC combo in Japan that is more PVR than PC.

The Sharp Mebius PC-TX26GS/TX26G has a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution 26" LCD TV (that needs a seperate tuner if you want to watch HD-TV), and a DVD recorder/PC with 250gb hard drive, celeron processor, and 512mb RAM.

The Sharp Mebius PC-TX26GS/TX26G will be available in Japan in December.

Sharp press release (japanese)

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How TV and HDTV Work

sharp aquos 37

ecoustics has posted a brief but very useful article on how TV and HDTV work, including a simple explanation of the different digital formats:

480i: Picture transmits at 60 interlaced fields per second (30 frames per second). Same number of scan lines and frames per second (fps) as analog, but provides a slightly improved image merely because of digital transmission method. Provides surround sound-capable digital audio that matches CD-quality Known as Standard Definition Television (SDTV)

480p: Same number of scan lines as analog, but sent progressive-style (60 complete fps) resulting in an even more improved picture. Capable of Dolby Digital Audio. Known as Enhanced Definition Television (EDTV)

720p: Higher resolution picture with 720 scan lines, sent at 60 complete fps. Provides Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround This is HDTV

1080i: Even higher resolution (1080 scan lines), but fewer frames per second. (60 fields per second, equal to only 30 complete fps). Provides Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround This is HDTV

1080p: This is the ultimate format goal for the future: the best of both worlds with maximum scan lines and maximum fps. No broadcasters have adopted this format, and not many TVs can display it properly.

more at ecoustics

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ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 Review

ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 external TV tuner review

The ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 is an external TV tuner for PCs (mostly useful to notebook owners) that sends uncompressed video images from an aerial, composite video cables or an S-video cable through a USB 2.0 connection to your PC or notebook.

TrustedReviews got hold of an ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 card and tested it out, they liked it despite the lack of a remote control.

TrustedReviews review

Dell 26" LCD TV

dell w2600 26 inch lcd hdtv tv

Dell has announced a new addition to their line of LCD TVs that is a leap forward for them in terms of good looks.

The Dell W2600 is a 26" LCD TV that is HDTV (720p) ready, has a good 500:1 contrast ratio, 450 nits brightness, 25 ms response time, dual tuners, and works with a PC at 1280x768 pixel resolution.

The Dell W2600 26" LCD TV is 32.7" x 16.6" x 4.2" and weighs 43lb (with stand).

It is currently available from for $1999 with free shipping and we think it may come down as low as $1699 later in the year.

Dell Shopping Link

(Dell are also expect to announce Plasma TVs later this fall)

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Akimbo Internet Video Player

akimbo internet video player

Akimbo, the broadband internet based video on demand player is almost ready to launch.

Through the Akimbo service you can download and watch any of the 20,000+ hours of programming from 50+ channels they have available.

The Akimbo player is available for pre-order for $229 and is expected to ship in October. The player requires a subscription ($9.99/month or $199.99 lifetime) plus you will have to pay to watch some premium programming.

The Akimbo player has a 80gb hard drive and an ethernet port but if you want to go wireless you will need a seperate 802.11b USB wireless adapter.

(more from the associated press)

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HP LCD and Plasma Televisions

HP hewlett packard televisions LCD 26 inch 30 inch

PCWorld got the scoop on some of Hewlett-Packard's new consumer electronics:

2 LCD TVs, the 26" LC2640N ($2499) and the 30-inch LC3040N ($2999, listed incorrectly on PCWorld as 40-inch). Both have dual-tuners for picture in picture, 1280 by 768 pixel resolution, and can support HD-TV and DVD-D.

2 Plasma TVs, the PL4245N HD-Ready Plasma Television ($4999) supports 1080i HD (but needs a seperate set-top box) and the PE4240N Plasma Television ($2999) supporting regular 480p TV. Both also have dual-tuners and DVI-D.

(via Engadget)

Sharp Aquos 37" LCD TV under $3000

sharp aquos 37

The price on high quality large screen LCD TVs keeps dropping.

Onecall currently has the Sharp Aquos LC37HV4U 37" LCD TV on sale at $2997, including Free Shipping, after $200 rebate. (Price is for Onecall PASS members: join free on their home page, price expires 8/29 and is limited to stock in hand).

Click here for more info or to buy, or keep reading for the specs.

Continue reading "Sharp Aquos 37" LCD TV under $3000"

Sanyo DMX-C4

sanyo DMX c4 worlds smallest camcorder

Continuing this morning's theme of world smallest we have the Sanyo Xacti DMC-C4, the world's smallest camcorder, which looks remarkably like one of those gadgets for removing lint and fuzz from clothes.

The Xacti C4 features a 1.8 lcd screen, VGA (640x480 pixel) video at 30 frames per second, video stabilizer, SD card slot, and a 4 megapixel still camera.

press release (japanese)

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Sony Qualia 005

sony qualia 005 46

Sony have announced a number of new TV's including the Qualia 005, a 46" LCD TV that uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) as a backlight (Sony claim this improves the color reproduction of the TV).

Other features include Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer, regular TV to HDTV upscaler (makes regular TV look better), and cross media bar GUI. The price is around $10,000.

A very nice product but again Sony are unwilling to be price competitive. I can get the 45" Sharp Aquos (which looks amazing!) for $7300 from Onecall (onecall price valid until 8/23) so I am not convinced why I would want to spend 40% more for Sony.

Great Deals on LCD TVs

sharp aquos 45 inch lcd tv widescreen

Onecall has a great deal starting today on LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, and projection TVs: at least 10% off, free shipping (usually $200 for a big TV), and gift certificates for up to $300 off your next purchase.

Sharp Aquos 45" LCD TV: $7299 (was $8999)
Sharp Aquos 37" LCD TV: $3586 (was $5499)
Sharp Aquos 20" LCD TV: $799 (was $1099)
Panasonic 47" Rear Projection HDTV: $1259

Prices may change daily on these and the coupon for free shipping and gift certs expires August 23rd. Use coupon code: TRIPLEPLAY

Sharp Aquos 45" LCD TV

sharp aquos 45 inch lcd tv widescreen

The Sharp Aquos 45" LCD TV is now available in stores. I saw this in Hong Kong and the picture quality is amazing!

It is the largest LCD TV currently available and the only one to deliver a 1080p progressive image (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution).

The Sharp Aquas 45 inch LCD Television features a built-in tuner for HDTV reception, so you can enjoy high-resolution over-the-air broadcasts. It also is compatible with the newest Digital Cable Ready requirements. Consumers can simply connect this LCD television to a cable output and discard the old-school outboard box.

Onecall will be one of the first site to have these in stock at $8,999: click here to see if they have it yet

If $9k is a little much, Onecall has the almost as massive 37" Aquos LCD TV on sale at $3397.56 including delivery (price expires 8/5)

Philips Outlet Deals

philips outlet sale free shipping

Philips has an outlet store where you can get discontinued and/or refurbished products massively discounted. They also offer free UPS shipping on most orders.

Some current (7/1) deals include:

  • 60in Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor $1899.99 ($900 off)
  • 55in Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor $1699.99 ($800 off)
  • 5 disc Super Audio CD DVD Player $189.99 ($90 off)
  • 6 Channel Dolby DTS DVD Player $95.00 ($304.99 off)
  • Lots of Progressive Scan DVD Players $49.00-$60.00 ($20-30 off)
  • Progressive Scan Dolby Digital DVD Recorder $229.00 ($221 off)
  • 300w Digital Home Cinema Package, 5 speakers, receiver, DVD, MP3, $129.00
  • Pronto Pro Home Theater Control Panel $539.00 ($411 off)

Click here for the outlet store

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Sharp Aquos 45" LCD TV

sharp aquos 45 inch lcd tv widescreen

Sharp has announced that the 45" version of its widescreen LCD TV will be available from August 1st for around $9000.

I'm going to write a very polite letter to Santa this year!

Onecall will be one of the first site to have these in stock at $8,999: click here to see if they have it yet

More from Reuters
(thanks engadget)

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2 news items on OLEDs (LCD screens that dont need a backlight so are thinner, brighter, and use less power than regular LCDs):

Samsung announced a 17" OLED LCD screen with 1200x1600 pixel resolution, a brightness of 400 lumens, and only 1/3 hte thickness of a regular LCD. It is due for release next year.

Seiko Epson showed off a 40" OLED display, but this wont be in commercial production until 2007.

(via engadget)

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New TV's Coming Soon

sharp LCD display screen widescreen monitor

I would love one of these: Sharp has just released their new 37-inch Aquos widescreen LCD monitor (available at for $5000): 1366x768 resolution, 12 differnet inputs, twin tuners etc.

If that wasn't enough.... Sharp will be releasing a 45" Aquos LCD later this year, and LG have announced a 76" plasma TV.

Posted March 23, 2004 in TV and Video | TrackBack (0) | Comments (0)

Help! My webcam is following me

The Logitech Quickcam Orbit has face tracking software: perfect if you pace around while having online sex with random strangers. Available for $111.99 with free shipping from

Continue reading "Help! My webcam is following me"

Posted March 12, 2004 in TV and Video | Comments (0)
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