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FIC Vassili (Linux Powered PMP)

FIC Vassili (Linux Powered PMP)

Hot on the heels of AMD's announcement of a new processor designed for portable media players and their partnership with TivoToGo is this new linux powered PMP that uses the new AMD alchemy chip and that could (by an amazing feat of deduction) be compatible with TivoToGo.

The FIC Vassili is going to be announced at CES this week (so hopefully we will have some hands-on photos), and will likely be licensed and distributed by other companies under their brand names in the US.

The FIC Vassili features a 3.6" color LCD (resolution not known), 20GB hard drive, USB 2.0 and USB host, TV and Audio-out, 10/100 ethernet, and runs Linux but is also capable of running Windows CE.

Supported multimedia formats include MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, AVI, and JPEG, battery life is said to be 4 hrs video or 12 hrs audio, dimensions are 4.9 x 3.5 x 0.75 inches, weight is 6.5oz, and expected cost is around $500.

Update: We got our hands on one at CES Unveiled, it looks great, the video quality is excellent, the menu system is unimpressive, and I like that it comes in multiple colors but who decided on a Hello Kitty pink?

(more at LinuxDevices via Slashdot)

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TivoToGo Launched

TivoToGo launched

Tivo has finally launched their TivoToGo service which will either get them a bunch of new customers or will get them sued into oblivion (I'm hoping for the new customer option not the suing).

They specifically got the FCC to approve this so I hope they will be ok.

TivoToGo sounds like a great service, if your Tivo is networked you can copy programs from it to another PC on your network (you need special software on that PC, programs can be shared with a maximum of 10 PCs, and TV stations "may restrict or limit the ability to record, display, view or transfer any particular program using a variety of copy protection mechanisms".)

If it lets me transfer shows to my laptop and watch them while I'm traveling I will be happy.

If you have a series 2 Tivo you can get on the priority list for the service upgrade at

(TivoToGo via PVRBlog)

Sony Type X Uber-Tivo

Sony Vaio Type X Tivo PVR

Imagine taking 7 Tivos and squishing them all together inside a box, what do you end up with?: The Sony Vaio Type X.

Yes they stole the name from Jaguar but this is the Ferrari of video recorders: 3.6GHz Pentium 4 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 1 TeraByte (1000 GB of storage, dual layer DVD writer, and 7 (yes 7) TV tuners. The tricky thing will be getting it to work with your cable or satellite service.

In addition it can be configured with 17" to 23" LCD screens and a HD digital tuner version will be available in December.

Expect a basic Type X to be around $4,000 and a fully tricked out one to be closer to $10k.

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Sharp Mebius 26" LCD PVR TV

sharp mebius 26 inch PC LCD TV combo

Sharp has announced a 26" LCD TV and PC combo in Japan that is more PVR than PC.

The Sharp Mebius PC-TX26GS/TX26G has a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution 26" LCD TV (that needs a seperate tuner if you want to watch HD-TV), and a DVD recorder/PC with 250gb hard drive, celeron processor, and 512mb RAM.

The Sharp Mebius PC-TX26GS/TX26G will be available in Japan in December.

Sharp press release (japanese)

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Telly MC1200 Home Entertainment Server

Telly MC1200 1200 home entertainment server PVR

The Telly MC1200 is the third generation of Interact-TV's home entertainment server: basically a cross between a Tivo and a Media PC.

The Telly MC1200 is 16.5 x 4.6 x 12.2 inches, runs Linux, and is controlled with a wireless keyboard and remote control. It comes with a 80gb hard drive, 1.2ghz Via C3 processor, 256mb RAM, ethernet connection, and a DVD-CDRW drive but can be upgraded to 3 250gb drives, a DVD writer and 1gb RAM.

The Telly MC1200 has a software interface allowing you to choose and record tv programs as well as watch movies, listen to music, and view pictures.

press release

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Tivo Rollercoaster Continues

good news for Tivo

In what looks like a sign of despiration Tivo halved the price of their 40 hour model by offering a $100 mail-in rebate bringing the price down to $99.

The rebate is valid for other Tivo digital video recorders from Toshiba, Pioneer, and Humax.

In addition they are switching to cheaper packaging, starting to sell Tivo in a wider range of retail stores, and kicking off a national advertising campaign in non-tech related magazines.

Press Release

Good News for Tivo

good news for Tivo

On the tail of yesterday's bad news for Tivo there is some good news:

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has ruled in favor of Tivo's plans to allow subscribers to share digital TV shows over the internet with up to 10 other Tivo units.

More from

Bad news for Tivo

bad news for Tivo

PVRblog reports that Tivo might be in deep doo-doo!

Half of Tivo's customers come from their partnership with DirecTV, but recently DirecTV got bought by News Corp, DirecTV sold their Tivo stock, DirecTV honcho resigned from Tico's board, and now DirecTV is going to start selling the (vastly inferior to Tivo) NDS digital video recorders (also owned by News Corp).

(thanks PVRBlog)

Less Reruns on TV

tivo series 2 bargains deals rebates

The LA Times is reporting that wider use of Tivo and other PVRs along with competition from cable is resulting in the Networks scheduling less reruns in primetime.


LA Times Story

(thanks PVRblog)

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Firefly Giveaway

snapstream firefly pc remote control

Snapstream are giving away 50 of their new Firefly PC remote controls:

The Firefly PC Remote bridges the gap between the study and the living room. Play movies, TV shows, MP3s, photos and other media stored on your computer from the comfort of your couch. Skip tracks, change the volume, fast-forward, rewind and pause like you do with your current home theater. And Firefly works through walls, so you won't have to move the PC or yourself.

Firefly comes with Beyond Media Basic, a full-screen interface, so you can navigate your PC from across the room. Firefly is compatible with over 80 media applications, including Microsoft® XP Media Center edition.

Click Here to enter (requires email address only, ends 5/16)

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Good Price on Tivo

tivo series 2 bargains deals rebates

Amazon currently has a great price on Series 2 Tivo's that let you record, pause, fast forward and playback live TV (requires either a monthly or lifetime subscription ot the Tivo service to work fully):

TiVo Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $129.94 (after $50 mail-in rebate): Great Price!
TiVo Series2 80-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $269.87: ok price
TiVo Series2 140-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $349.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate). Good Price!

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Tivo is good for the TV Networks

tivo pvr good for TV

TelevisionWeek reports that TV network execs are starting to admit that Tivo is actually increasing viewership... exactly the opposite of their fears.

(thanks PVRBlog)

Continue reading "Tivo is good for the TV Networks"

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250GB HDTV Tivo

tivo HDTV 250gb photos

Photos posted over on the Tivo Community site of the DirectTV High Definition Tivo due to be release sometime this month.

If you own a TV you should visit the Tivo Community site, they have all the latest news on Tivo as well as hints and tips on how to "enhance" your TV (just like mine is enhanced with a much bigger second hard drive :)

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Tivo Article

PVRblog mentions an article in the NY Times about how Tivo changed people's lives.

I have owned a Tivo since they came out in 1999 (upgrading to a new Tivo once and upgrading the hard drive twice in that time) and I really couldn't live without it.

I never watch live TV, it just records the programs I like and whenever I feel like watching a program and can choose from about 100 hours of good comedy, drama, documentaries etc.

Dell Home has a good price on the 80 hr series 2 Tivo at the moment: $299 - automatic 10% discount - $50 rebate (exp 3/31) = $219 with free shipping.

If you add another cheap item you should be able to get another $25 off with one-day coupon code SB$JRXL$?5MVFT (exp 3/18) for a final price of $194.

Rebate Link

Update: Dell Home is down at 7.35am EST, should be back soon, in the meantime you can buy the 80hr Tivo at Amazon for $249 after rebate or get a second-hand one starting at $199.

Continue reading "Tivo Article"

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