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Hands on with the Siemens SX66 (XDAIII)

Hands on with the Siemens SX66 (XDAIII)

Lots of people have been waiting for the XDAIII pocket pc cell phone with slide out qwerty keyboard to become available in the US.

As we mentioned previously it is now available throught Cingular Wireless and we got to try one out yesterday.

The SX66 is a quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM phone that will work almost anywhere in the world, the windows mobile software and 3.5" QVGA 320x240 pixel touchscreen allows it to operate as a pocket pc/pda with all the usual features such as web browser, email, contacts, calendar, pocket word, pocket excel etc.

The SX-66 also has a 400MHz processor, 64MB ROM 128MB RAM, 802.11b wireless, bluetooth, SD/MMC card slot, is 2.82" x 4.92" x 0.74", and weighs 7.4oz.

The SX-66 feels good in the hand and the keyboard has a good feel but the keys are so small they would take getting used to, especially if you have large fingers. Despite that it is a lot better than no keyboard at all and we think this is the best pocket pc phone available in the US today.

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New Samsung Phones

new samsung phones i730

We don't spend a lot of time covering phones on ShinyPlastic so instead of repeating things being said elsewhere we are going to send you over to PhoneScoop who we met last night at CES Unveiled and who have some nice photos of Samsung's new goodies:

"The i730 includes EV-DO high-speed data, as well as Bluetooth, an SDIO slot, speakerphone, and stereo speakers. On the PDA side, it runs Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC 2nd Edition, supports landscape mode, and packs in 64 MB of RAM memory."

More at PhoneScoop

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Motorola e1000 Phone

Motorola e1000 Phone

Trustedreviews has reviewed the new Motorola e1000 phone in the UK:

"My handset is a second generation 3G phone, but if the new Motorola E1000 is anything to go by, things are set to improve with the third generation of handsets that are now being launched. The E1000 is a traditional “candy bar” phone while most 3G phones so far seem to have been of the flip variant. If this is a good thing or not tends to be down to personal taste, but Motorola has come up with some interesting additions to a traditional design.
The first thing you notice about the E1000 is the large screen and at 34 x 44mm, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, this 16bit display is excellent in use and very clear and easy to read. The second thing you notice is the odd button layout – there’s a row of four buttons on each side of the display, which is similar to the design of the Siemens SX1, although not quite as brave as having the whole keypad down the side of the phone."

Full Review

Siemens SX66 (XDAIII) from Cingular

Siemens SX66 (XDAIII) from Cingular

Our search and referrer logs tell us that a ton of people find ShinyPlastic when looking for info on the XDA III (aka Blue Angel) Pocket PC Phone.

If you are one of those people you will be happy to hear that the Siemens SX66 (basically a rebadged XDA III / Blue Angel) is now available in the US through Cingular Wireless.

The Siemens SX66 runs Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition, has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 64MB ROM and 128MB RAM, WiFi Bluetooth and IrDA connectivity, 400MHz processor, 240x320 color screen, and operates as a Quad-Band phone with 4 hours talktime (not enough for my wife!).

You can get the Siemens SX66 through Cingular Wireless for $549.99 with a 2 year contract.

(firstadopter via engadget)

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Sony Ericsson S700i Camera Phone

Sony Ericsson S700i Camera Phone

LiveDigitally has taken a look at the new Sony Ericsson S700i 1.3 megapixel camera phone that works on the GSM 900/1800/1900MHZ bands.

This is a great looking phone and it does that cool swivelling thing, but unfortunately in the US you can only read the review as it isn't available here (or should I say not available from any of the cellular providers, T-Mobile and Cingular operate in the 1900MHz GSM band so I think you could buy an unlocked phone and a prepaid SIM card and use it here).

Here's a taste of the review:

"In one phrase: "The phone simply oozes sex appeal!" Simply put, the S700i is an excellent phone for all the features it packs (especially the camera). It's great for commuters who can listen to MP3s or FM radio while on the go. It has all the expected PIM and connectivity features and much more. In other words this phone packs quite a punch."

Check out the full review at LiveDigitally

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Bluetake BT400 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetake BT400 Bluetooth Headset Review

I4U has a review of the Bluetake BT400 Bluetooth Headset.

The review looks at the headset from the viewpoint of someone non-technical:

Bottom line, the Bluetake BT400 G3 is well worth the price of around USD 60. It is easy to set up and use, light weight and comfortable to wear and features a very good sound quality and range."

I4U Review

Hands on with the Blackberry 7100t


The blackberry 7100t is the new blackberry device that is actually useful as a phone as well. This has been my main sticking point with blackberry in the past: their devices just didn't work as phones so you would have to carry a seperate phone as well as your blackberry.

A lot of the reason for the increased phone usability is the reduction in size achieved by implementing a new keyboard where every key is used for 2 letters and software tries to work out which letter you wanted.

I tried out the new blackberry 7100t and found it really easy to use.

5 photos of the Blackberry 7100t from the Digital Life show are below.

Continue reading "Hands on with the Blackberry 7100t"

Dallab DP900 PocketPC Phone

dallab DP900 pocketpc phone

msmobiles discovered a new Pocket PC Phone: The Dallab DP900.

If you haven't heard of Dallab before they are a Malaysian company that until now has produced only bluetooth equipped accessories.

The Dallab DP900 is a tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900MHz) 300MHz intel xscale, Pocket PC running Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition.

Other features of the Dallab DP900 are 64MB RAM, 64MB ROM, 1100mAh removable battery (that can be switched without the phone losing its connection or power), 240x320 pixel 3" screen, SDIO/SD/MMC card slot, and a VGA digital camera that rotates up to 180 degrees.

The Dallab DP900 weighs 5oz, its dimensions aren't known but it look pretty compact considering its small 3" screen size.

No info yet on whether the Dallab DP900 will be offered by any US phone companies.

Dallab DP900 Product Page

(via msmobiles)

Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Review

stowaway bluetooth keyboard for bluetooth equipped pocket pc and phones

PocketPcThoughts has reviewed the Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard.

The Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard is a very small (5.5" x 3.9" x 0.5") box that folds out for form a good sized (9.9" x 5.8" x 0.5") 4 row QWERTY keyboard.

The Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard should work with any bluetooth equipped pocket pc (or a pocket pc wit a socket bluetooth SD or CF card) as well as many bluetooth equipped smart phones.

The list of compatible devices on the Think Outside site is a little out of date and doesn't specifically mention any of the new VGA Pocket PCs although they should work with the keyboard without problems.

(pocketpcthoughts full review)

Bluetooth Blackberry 7290

blackberry 7290 with bluetooth

So, does that make it a blueberry?

Research in Motion have just released the first Blackberry phone/organizer that has bluetooth built-in: The Blackberry 7290.

The Blackberry 7290 is being offered through O2 in the UK, Ireland and Germany from November 2004, and surpisingly in the US through Cingular from October.

The Blackberry 7290 is 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.8 inches and 4.8 oz. It has 32mb RAM, 5 hrs talktime, color display, and QWERTY keyboard.

Price of the Blackberry 7290 in the US will be $190 with a new 2 year service agreement.

(via engadget)

Audiobooks on your Cellphone

audible audiobooks on samsung sp i600

Audible has started working with Sprint to put spoken word audiobooks on Sprint PCS smart phones.

The first device that will work with Audible audiobooks is the Samsung SP-i600 smartphone. It will be interesting to see how usable the interface is and how much you can store on your phone: the SP-i600 only has 32mb memory, a lot of which could already be used for photos, email, contacts etc.

You can get $50 off the Samsung SP-i600 when you commit to an Audible subscription.

( via Engadget)

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MDA Compact Pocket PC Phone

mda compact pocket pc phone

Brighthand has got the info on the MDA Compact Pocket PC Phone from HTC (formerly known as "magician").

The MDA compact is going to be smaller than most Pocket PC phones on the market: 4.25" x 2.3" x 0.7", and will weigh 5.3oz.

The MDA compact will also be more powerful than some competitors: packing a 416MHz XScale processor, and offering 64mb RAM, 64mb ROM, and has an SDIO expansion slot for more storage space and/or Wi-Fi functionality (bluetooth is already built-in).

The phone portion of the MDA Compact will be Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), making it usable in Asia, Europe and the US, and the MDA Compact will run the Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003.

The MDA Compact will be available in Europe in November and I hope it will be offered in the US sometime after that (hint hint T-Mobile... please).

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HTC Vivida

htc vivida Verizon smartphone

Info showed up on the FCC site for a new HTC built Smartphone OS powered phone codenamed Vivida.

The HTC Vivida has a sliding front that reveals a numberpad, has 2-3 hrs talktime and 100hrs standby (short battery life), SD / MMC memory card slot, 640 x 480 pixel camera and 352 x 288 pixel video recorder, and will come with a charging cradle.

The HTC Vivida is going to be offered by Verison in the US but there is no info yet on release date or price.

(via msmobiles)

Treo 650

Treo 650 Palm OS Smartphone

Pictures have leaked of the new Treo 650: a new smartphone using the Palm operating system rumored to be oming from Sprint this fall.

The Treo 650 is rumored to have a 312mhz processor, 32mb R320 x 320 pixel screen, 1 megapixel camera, DS memory card slot, removable battery, built-in querty keyboard, and built-in bluetooth wireless.

More pictures and info at (scroll down the discussion)

JVC e228 Cellphone

jvc e228 cellphone with 2 digital cameras

GadgetryBlog found a new cellphone in the UK, the JVC e228, that has a feature I find difficult to understand:

It has two digital cameras, one in the front and one in the back. My phone has a digital camera but I've only used it a couple of times and only then for the "new toy" factor.

If I want to take a photo I will use a digital camera that produces a nice photo, not a cellphone that produces a photo as bad as my Casio QV-11 did 5+ years ago.

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T-Mobile Customer Service

poor t-mobile customer service

Joel Johnson over at Gizmodo set out to review the Sidekick II (available only with T-Mobile service agreement) and ended up so frustrated he cancelled his service agreement with T-Mobile for all his phones.

At the end of the day it came down to customer support people lying to him, and I can relate to that...

When I wanted to buy a new phone through Sprint I was lied to by their telephone customer support (hello? I want to give you people every month for a minimum of two years and you still lie to me!).

So, what is it with all cellular service providers having such bad customer support?

Oh, by the way, Joel really liked the Sidekick II.

Joel's T-Mobile Problems

iPaq h6315 is slow

ipaq h6315 information info photo

It turns out the iPAQ 6315 that had seemed so promising is in fact really really slow, with the processor operating at a paltry 168mhz (around a quarter the speed of the 624mhz Dell Axim X30).

Other specs for the version of the iPAQ 6315 offered in the US by T-Mobile for $499 with service agreement are: 4.6 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches, 6.5 ounces, upto 5 hrs talktime, 64mb ROM/64mb RAM, Quad-band GSM/GPRS phone, 802.11b and bluetooth 1.1 wireless, 640x480 camera, SDIO card slot, removable keyboard.

Hi-Res Screen for Pocket PC and Phones

samsung VGA 640x480 screen 2.6 inch

Samsung have released a picture of their new 2.6 inch, 300 dot per inch, 640 by 480 pixel VGA screen (by comparison a PC screen usually has 72 dots per inch, which means this screen can display a lot more in a small space, or make the same amount of information a lot clearer/smoother).

The screen also has a 200:1 contrast ratio and 150cd/m2 brightness which means it should look better than current small screens in direct sunlight.

This will be going into full production in December of this year and should show up next year in small Pocket PCs (current VGA Pocket PCs have a much larger and poorer quality 4 inch screen), smart phones, and high end mobile phones.

Also interesting but not announced yet is that the same 300 dots per inch would allow a 4.2 inch 1024x768 screen on a larger pocket pc or a 7.3" Wide-XGA 1080p HDTV screen combined with the new 60gb 1.8" hard drive for an uber personal video player or portable DVD player.

press release

Verizon XDA3 Pocket PC Phone

XDA3 XDA 3 MDA3 MDA 3 Verison Pocket PC phone

The FCC has approved a version of the XDA3 Pocket PC phone and the photos show a Verison logo, so guess who will be offering this CDMA phone to their US customers (probably for $600+).

Some specs are as follows:

Continue reading "Verizon XDA3 Pocket PC Phone"

Audiovox PM-8920

audiovox sprint pcs pm-8920 camera phone

Sprint has just released the first 1 megapixel cellphone in the US.

The Audiovox PM-8902 has a 1.3 megapixel camera, capable of taking pictures at 1280 by 960 pixels (much better than the 640 x 480 on most camera phones.

Price will be $300, or $150 after the usual new subscriber rebates.

Sprint Press Release
(Thanks SprintPCS Info)

iPaq h6315 Photo

ipaq h6315 information info photo

Update 7/26: The iPAQ 6315 has been released and T-Mobile will start selling it in August at $499 (presumably with a new 1 year contract/service agreement).

Update 8/15: More info available here. has found a photo of the upcoming ipaq h6315 on the T-Mobile web site.

Description is "HP iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC is a Microsoft Windows powered Pocket PC that integrates GSM / GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless technology to give you high-speed wireless voice and data connectivity at home, at work, and on the go."

Release date is rumored to be July 27th.

If I hadn't just bought a new Dell Pocket PC and a Sprint PCS phone I would be very interested in this.

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New Phone: Sanyo PM-8200

Sprint PCS Sanyo PM-8200 Cell Phone

After using the same crappy old Sprint PCS phone for almost 3 years I finally caved in and got a new one. Of course Sprint didn't make it easy for me:

New customers can get a $150 instant rebate, existing customers who have owned their phone for 18 months (even if they are still under a 2 year subscription agreement) can get a $150 instant rebate, should have been easy for me, right?

Wrong!. Because I had cancelled my account 18 months ago (because work provided me with a free phone) and then got a new account 12 months ago (when I left that job) Sprint counted my phone as being only 12 months old (even though the phone was physically 3 years old and was a model they hadn't sold in 2 years).... so I was refused the rebate.

Let me say that again: A new customer could get a rebate, a customer still under a subscription agreement could get a rebate, but a customer (me) with a 3 year old phone and no subscription agreement couldn't get a rebate.

Even crazier: I could get a rebate by going to one of their competitors as a new customer, but I couldn't cancel my current Sprint account and get a new Sprint account. I wanted to sign a 2 year agreement, I wanted to buy a $280 (before rebate) phone, but they wouldn't let me!

In the end the phone agent suggested I go to a Sprint PCS store, and after arguing my case with the store manager he relented and gave me a $75 instant rebate and a $75 mail-in rebate.

So, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I am the proud owner of a cute little Sanyo PM-8200, it takes photos, I have put peoples pictures on there and created unique ring tones, I have downloaded games, created my own screensaver, I can even remember my new phone number!

More on the Sanyo PM-8200

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Talking to God?

talking to the pope on your verison wireless cell phone

Cnet reports that Verison Wireless cell phone customers will soon be able to get the Pope's daily message:

"To use the service, Verizon Wireless subscribers address a text message to "24444." Within a few seconds, a message returns containing that day's "nondenominational...inspirational message of prayers and guidance," according to a description of the service circulated Tuesday by Acotel."

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Motorola V600 Cellphone

motorola V600 camera phone

The latest greatest cell phone is finally available for sale from AT&T Wireless.

The Motorola V600 is small but packs a VGA resolution camera, bluetooth connectivity, MP3 ringtones and much more.

Will be available online soon, but can be ordered now direct from AT&T wireless for $299 with a 2 year service contract.

Continue reading "Motorola V600 Cellphone"

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