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Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

In an ideal world your home would have been wired for a modern security system when it was built, but for most us it isn't an ideal world and we are put off of having a security system installed by the cost and inconvenience of having someone making holes in our walls to run wires.

Home Heartbeat from Eaton promises to solve that problem; it is a wireless (802.15.4 zigbee) security system that appears simple to install and use.

Every component is wireless (from door sensors, to water shutoffs, to electrical outlet monitors) and is monitored from a central base station and home key.

The home key is a little gadget you can carry with your keys and it shows you the status of all your sensors as long as it is within 60 to 90 feet of the base station; beyond that you can get the base station to send SMS messages to your cell phone.

More info about Home Heartbeat

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Electronic House Expo Show Report

Electronic House Expo show

Jeremy at Livedigitally went to the Electronic House Expo show in Long Beach CA to see what is new in the world of Home Automation.

Amongst other interesting home gadgets they took a look at the DigitalDeck whole house PVR solutions, Pelham Sloane all-in-one PC/LCDs, and the Philips Streamium networked audio/video system.

More from Livedigitally

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Hovering Vacumn Cleaner

hovering vacumn cleaner

Shiny Shiny (no relation) found an interesting gadget: a Vacumn cleaner that uses a (presumably sealed) air filled cushion to reduce the apparent weight to the user and make it glide smoothly over your carpet, hardwood floors, or swimming pool :)

The Airider vacuum cleaner will be available in the UK soon and it sounds fast:

"1400-Watt Thermal protected high-speed fan motor, creating 192 MPH high velocity airflow for maximum suction at base of hose, Air rider having higher Air Watts cleans more dirt. Thermal cut-off protects your motor from overheating "

Airrider Systems

(via Shiny Shiny)

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Hitachi Pro Freezer

hitachi pro networked freezer

Hitachi has announced a line of "pro freezers" that connect to your home network.

The Hitachi Pro Freezer can tell you the status of your freezer (meaning open or closed I guess), open/close count, electricity usage expense etc.

Sounds ok, but I really want a networked freezer that will tell me if my milk is bad or if my wife just drank the last soda.

No word yet on price or US availability.

(techjapan via ubergizmo)

Body Fat Monitor $60

tanita body fat monitor has the Tanita TBF-621 body fat monitor and scale as part of their Friday Sale, prices at $59.99 with Free Shipping.

These monitors are fun to use but the body fat shown may not be always accurate as it is affected by hydration. Its is best with these to always weigh yourself at the same time of day (for me its when I get up in the morning before starting my too-high consumption of Diet Coke).

Product Purchase Link at

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