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October 13, 2004

Slappa CD Case Review

Posted by Mark Mitford (editor) on October 13, 2004 06:12 AM in Reviews .

slappa cd cases review

Slappa were kind enough to send us a couple of their inexpensive hardbody CD cases: a graphite collection 40 CD (or 20 CD and 20 covers) case, and a camel collection 240 CD (or 120 CD and 120 covers) case.

The Slappa cases feature a solid hard shell in a number of different styles, and CD storage inside their patented stitched sleeves.

We tried out the cases around our office and on a trip to Mexico. Keep reading to find out what we thought......

First Impressions:

small slappa case in bag

Slappa creates a good impression as soon as you open the boxes, shipping the cases in fabric protective covers that keep them clean.

small slappa on case

Taking the case out of it's protective cover we can see it has an attractive rounded design instead of just being a boring box with a zipper.

The case itself is 7" by 7" by 3".

small slappa closed

And talking of zippers... the Slappa cases have a zipper that runs almost all the way around. The zipper has a large handle making it easy to open and close.

The zipper has a little bit of fabric on either side of it between it and the hardbody of the case, and this is our one dislike about the construction of the cases: when the case isn't full you can squeeze the case and it crumples in on itself around the zipper fabric.

This crumpling is more noticeable on the larger case but happens to a lesser extent on the small case as well.

small slappa accessories

Each Slappa case ships with 2 spine labels (that fit into a clear pocket on the spine of the small case or on the handle of the large case) and a CD cleaning cloth. These accessories can be stored in a mesh pocket on the inside of the front half of the case.

small slappa stitching

Inside the case the CD pockets are really well made. Unlike most cases the CD pockets aren't just heat glued together, they are two soft fabric layers and a clear plastic layer stitched together (in a patented process/style that Slappa calls D2). Each pocket also has two compartments allowing you to store 2 CDs or to store a CD between the fabric and put the CD cover in the clear pocket, making it easy for you to find CDs.

large slappa front

Our larger Slappa case has 4 times the capacity of the small case. It is part of the camel collection which means it has a suede finish on the exterior.

This larger case is 13" by 12.25" by 5.05".

large slappa top

The larger case comes with a carrying handle. The handle has a good feel to it and fitted my hand well.

large slappa open

Opening up the case we see that the patented D2 pockets are the same quality but are grouped 4 to a side allowing the storage of 120 CDs and 120 covers.

Using the Cases:

What can you really say about using the cases.... you put CDs and covers in them.

small slappa open with cds

We filled up the smaller case with some of our CDs and covers (trying not to choose CDs that would appear too weird in the photos... I think we failed).

It takes a while to get all the covers out of their cases and inserted into the Slappa case but the end result is worth it: a lot of space saving and extra convenience.

slappa open with program cds

Another good use we found for the Slappa was helping to tidy up our collection of software CDs. The Slappa case makes a great way to store computer software CDs along with those irritating serial number you daren't lose.


We used the Slappa cases in a number of ways:

Around the office they got a lot of use for storing program cds and made things a lot easier when we had to rebuild our media center pc.

Around the house the large case made it easy to archive away all the old CDs that we have ripped to our PC but need to keep in case we need to rip them to yet another incompatible format to test another MP3 gadget.

On our trip to Mexico the small Slappa case came in useful for transporting some DVDs we wanted to watch on our laptop. It kept the DVDs safe and secure in our carry-on bag but still easily accessible on the long boring flight (we travel so much that we want to scream every time they tell us the movie is Shrek 2... again).

The case seems strong, we tested ours by spraying it with water (none got inside) and dropping it 4 feet onto a hardwood floor (no damage to the disks inside and no scratches to the case). All in all a good performance.


If you need a solution for storing a large number of CDs, DVDs, or program disks then you can't go wrong if you choose Slappa. Their high quality and low price make them out number one choice for CD cases.


Top quality, well made and strong
Easy way to carry around and/or organize CDs and DVDs
Good value for money


Large size can crumple at the zipper when mostly empty

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

The Slappa cases can be bought direct from The Camel 240 case is $49.99 and the smaller Graphite case is $14.99.

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