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September 27, 2004

Matias iPod Armor Mini Review

Posted by Mark Mitford (editor) on September 27, 2004 01:13 PM in Music , Reviews .

matias ipod armor mini review

We are getting a lot of use out of our iPod mini, and one thing we felt we needed was a bit more protection when working out at the gym or on a bike ride.

We looked around for a solid metal iPod mini case that had a belt clip, and we came up with the Matias iPod Armor Mini.

Did the Matias iPod Armor Mini case meet our needs? keep reading to find out......

First Impressions:

matias ipod armor mini packaging

The Matias iPod Armor Mini comes nicely packaged in clear plastic.

matias ipod armor mini packaging

The rear of the packaging shows the belt clip and connector.

matias ipod armor mini instructions

Inside the packaging are instructions, although not a lot of instructions are needed for a case like this.

matias ipod armor mini front-view

The front of the iPod Armor is aluminum overlaid on clear plastic, and there is a clear window to allow you to see the iPod mini's screen with the case closed.

The rear of the case is also aluminim but overlaid on white plastic this time.

The two halves of the case are joined by a simple metal bracket on the bottom.

Also on the bottom is a little rubber panel that covers the hole over the sync/charger connector.

The top of the iPod armor is left open, so theoretically the iPod could be damaged if dropped on the top but you would have to be really unlucky for that to happen.

matias ipod armor mini open

The inside of the iPod Armor is covered in what feels like a thin layer of felt. This holds the iPod in place and protects against case to iPod scratches.

Using the Armor:

matias ipod armor mini with ipod

The iPod Armor is simple to use: just slide the iPod mini into the case from the top and close the lid. The lid closes with a nice click and in out testing we couldn't get the lid to come open accidentally.

My wife used the iPod Armor a number of times when working out at the gym and liked it but had a couple of comments:

  • When moving between gym machines she likes to pause the music or audiobook she is listening to. With the regular iPod headphones this gets to be difficult as you are opening and closing the case a lot. (Using earphones with a wired remote solves this issue).
  • The belt clip works well with an actual belt, but when used with lycra workout clothes the iPod moves around a lot.

The Belt Clip:

matias ipod armor mini belt clip

The iPod Armor mini comes with a separate "Armor Clip" belt clip.

All you have to do to fix the clip to your case is to remove the covering over the adhesive on the back of the connector and push the connector onto your case wherever you want it.

I held the connector in place for a few seconds but it seemed to stick immediately. I was worried about how strong the glue would be, however I tried to remove the connector and there was no way it was going to move.

Because of how sticky it is I would recommend choosing the location for the connector before removing the protective backing.

matias ipod armor mini connector

The belt clips locks into place on the connector easily and firmly and can also be easily removed with one hand.

matias ipod armor mini with belt clip


We think the Matias iPod Armor Mini is a good solid iPod mini case.

I doubt an iPod would survive a drop onto a concrete floor regardless of the case it is in, but in many other circumstances a strong case like this effectively reduces the chances of accidental damage.


Solid construction
Provides good protection (except to the top)
Looks good


Need to remove case for some docks

Overall Rating: 8/10

Note: in some of the photos the case looks blueish in color, that is just a flaw in the photos. The case is silver in color.

The Matias iPod Armor case can be bought directly from Matias for $49.95, or from a number of other internet retailers.

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Comments on Matias iPod Armor Mini Review

Sup y'all, i thank your armour thang is perdy cool.

Posted by: Bubba at June 12, 2005 04:25 PM

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