4″ flexible transparent OLED from Universal Display and LG

4 inch flexible transparent OLED from Universal Display

It may only be 4″ across (diagonally) and 320×240 pixels at the moment but this flexible transparent OLED display has massive implications for how we use and interact with technology in the future.

No more pecking away at a smartphone or trying to use a tiny keyboard and 5″ screen on the latest ultra-ultra-portable device: just unroll your full size monitor and keyboard and work productively.

Want to check your email, the latest twitters, or surf CNN? easy, the monitor is on your sleeve.

Time to watch TV? just roll down the blinds on your window and the TV rolls down with it.

Troops in Iraq being able to check each others locations on an overhead map display sewn into their uniform and the nearby medic getting the same view with vital signs superimposed.

Ok, we’re still a long way from anything like that but the prototype being shown off by LG and Universal Display is a big step in the right direction.

Press Release follows.

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