RIM gains market share while overall US sales plummet

blackberry bold

Blackberry maker RIM is the only winner in the latest cellphone sales numbers increasing their market share to 5% and becoming the 5th biggest seller of phones in the US.

Overall sales of cellphones in the US dropped 22% year on year but there was an interesting trend of high-end phones increasing in sales while inexpensive basic phone lost market share: 17% of all phones sold were smartphones, 60% of all phones sold could play music, and 79% of phones had bluetooth (all the better to track you with).

Phone sales data via moconews

$99 for lifetime Garmin Navigation on BlackBerry

Garmin Navigation on BlackBerry

Garmin has announced that you can get a lifetime Garmin GPS service subscription for your blackberry for $99.

That’s the phone’s lifetime not yours but it still seems like a good price considering there is no monthly fee and the service offers turn by turn directions, 6 million points of interest, constantly updated maps, gas prices, traffic delay rerouting, weather forcecasts, and more.

Seems like a great service for a crackberry addict who doesn’t want a seperate navigation system in their car.

via Garmin blog

Blackberry 9500 thunder speculation

The touchscreen blackberry has the model number 9500 and the codename iPhone Thunder according to Boy Genius Report.

He also reveals that it will have 4 physical keys (send, end, menu, back) and will be a worldwife lifetime exclusive release on Verizon and Vodaphone.

He has a big thing for mocked up images so I thought I would add to his to make the screen more interesting…. maybe this will turn into a photoshop contest?

blackberry 9500 thunder witticisms at BGR

BlackBerry 9000 is officially Bold

Blackberry 9000 Bold

The BlackBerry 9000 is officially called the BlackBerry Bold, and it is now up on the BlackBerry website.

Key enhancements of the BlackBerry Bold compared to previous blackberries are: larger screen resolution (480×320 pixel), blackberry 4.6 operating system, 1GB on board encrypted memory, tri-band HSDPA, interchangeable colar back plates, and 624MHz PXA930 processor.

Press release after the jump.

Official BlackBerry Bold site

BlackBerry Bold AP story
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