A digital picture frame that holds your pet’s ashes


Some people get a little too attached to their pets, and for those people there’s now the ultimate memorial to their little fluffy or tinkerbelle: A digital photo frame (with just 256MB of storage) that doubles as an urn and can hold up to 75lb of your pet’s (hopefully cremated) remains.

The urns cost $249, have a 7″ screen, and come in you choice of oak or walnut.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs, but I don’t want to keep their ashes by my bed when they’re gone. Also statistically if I have 4 dogs each with an average 10 year lifespan then I will have at least 24 75lb photo frames piled up by the time I pass on.

What will I do when it’s my dog’s time? we will go stretch out on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, I will feed him fresh steak and rabbit, and let him lie with his head on my lap while I rub his belly so he enjoys his last few moments on this earth, then once he is gone I will dig a hole, bury him, then head off to the shelter to find a new dog that need a loving home.

Dammit, I think I have something in my eye……..

pet urns via ubergizmo

Sony Rolly: whatever happened to just listening to music?

Sony Rolly

The Sony Rolly is described as being “for those who want to experience music through movement.”

In other words once you turn it on and select music it flashes lights and starts to roll and spin in time to the music.

So for $400 you get a lump of plastic with only 2GB of memory that you have to chase around the room when you want to change songs or turn it off (and turning it off would be at the top of my list as soon as I saw one).

Why? why would you buy this? I wouldn’t buy this with $20 of someone else’s money.

Press release follows.

Sony Rolly via ubergizmo
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Strippers and drug dealers: this gadget is perfect for you

accucounter portable cash counter

Maybe there are more professions that would get regular use out of this portable battery power money counter but those two sprung to mind first.

The accucounter V30 is capable of counting and adding up 600 bills a minute and the battery will last up to 20 hours….. lets see, 600 $100 bills a minute over 20 hours….. that’s 72million dollars counted on one battery charge.

accucounter via slipperybrick

FusionMan and his jet powered flying wing

jet powered wing

Now is this cool or what? Yves “FusionMan” Rossy has built a $285,000 jet powered flying wing.

How does it work? he jumps out of a plane and starts the 4 jet engines that provide 200lb of thrust. He can then soar through the air at up to 186mph for up to six and a half minutes performing turns and 360 degree loops before deploying a parachute to land.

He recently crossed Lake Geneva and his next plan is a 22 mile crossing of the English Channel.

Via Yahoo News
FusionMan’s web site

Remote controlled bidet, surprise your family and guests

Blooming Bidet

Asians love to keep their private parts sparkling clean and the latest bidet being shown at Koreannovation in New York takes thing one step further.

Not only does it have all the usual computerized Asian bidet wizardry such as pressure sensors, underwater nightlights, front and back nozzles, pressure adjustment, and automatic stool bacteria analysis, it comes with a remote control as well……

A remote control with a long enough range to use outside the bathroom, perhaps on poor unsuspecting family members or house guests.

What will those wacky Koreans come up with next?

More toilet humor at Gizmodo

Vending Machine: Proof of age required

Vending Machine: Proof of age required

Tobacco vending machines in Japan now require proof of age to make a purchase.

Currently this is in the form of a “taspo” age-verification card that must be scanned in order to make a purchase, and the card also has an electronic money function so no cash or separate credit/debit card is needed.

Coming soon, taspo enabled cellphones that act as credit cards….. and then what? will Japan become the first country to move to a cashless society with all transactions tracked and recorded by your personal embedded credit/identity chip.

tobacco vending machine, via Wired

Another USB gadget for heating/cooling drinks

Green House USB Heater Cooler

Here’s our weird Japanese gadget of the day.

We have one of those little USB things that heats your cup of coffee but what about when you have something you want chilled (like ice tea maybe)?

The Green House GH-USB-CUP2 (catchy name huh?) does both at the flip of a switch.

Careful though it gets hot: heating drinks to 104 degrees (or cooling them to 59).

What does it cost? 2,780 Yen (about $26.50)

(via akihibaranews)

French invent artificial mouth

artificial mouth

French researchers have invented a new artificial mouth that mimics the the first steps of digestion – chewing, saliva release, and food breakdown.

The goal is to create a mouth that could become part of a robotic taste tester designed to increase our understanding of flavor and improve food quality.

They tested the mouth by setting it at different speeds and feeding it pieces of apple, they then compared the pieces to ones chewed by a real person. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

I wonder what conclusions the mouth will reach? “English food is too bland” and “the French use too much Garlic” perhaps.

(via newscientist)