Gateway FHD-2400 24-inch LCD monitor reviewed

Gateway FHD-2400 24-inch LCD monitor

Digital Trends has reviewed the $480 Gateway FHD-2400 24-inch LCD monitor.

Here’s what they thought:

“All in all, the FHD2400 is a well-rounded display with a lot of excellent features and gorgeous image quality. You’ll find the unit easy to setup and calibrate, and its wide array of ports make it compatible with HD optical drives as well as PCs and game consoles too. Occasional design quibble aside (see aforementioned DVI cable issues, and note that vertically-oriented ports can be difficult to access), once it’s up and running, you’ll have few issues apart from being unable to rotate the panel left or right. And that’s what we call a good look. “

(full review at digitaltrends)

Gateway 820GM BTX Media Center PC


At Digital Focus last night I got to play with Gateway’s new media center PC: The Gateway 820GM (bigger photo below).

Features of the Gateway 820GM BTX Media Center PC include 1GB RAM, Radeon X300SE PCI-Express graphics, Pentium 4 Processor, 250gb SATA hard drive, digital media reader, 7 USB and 2 Firewire slots, and 8x DVD burner with dual-layer capabilities (probably 2.4x DL).

One interesting thing is that Gateway are the only people making BTX architecture PCs at the moment: BTX has vastly improved airflow and design making your computer cooler, quieter, and potentially even a tiny bit faster.

Gateway were lucky in that it takes a lot of retooling to switch from ATX to BTX, Gateway got a jump on the market becuase they were retooling anyway after the emachines acquisition. Now lets see if they can turn this technical advantage into market share.
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