YAEC: Emtec gdium EM-PC ultra-portable

Emtec gdium EM-PC ultra-portable

YAEC = Yet another EeePC clone…… but for once the company has put a bit of thought into it’s design. We’re impressed with the non-EeePC look!

Their website tells us it will be on sale in July for A$449 (US $420), that it has an 8.9″ 1024×600 pixel screen, and that it doesn’t have an internal hard drive – instead it uses a USB flash drive to load a linux operating system.

What they forget to tell us is what processor it has and how much memory, but why worry about the little details, right?

Back to the (probably very slow) USB drive: They call it a GKey and the idea is that the OS is on there along with all your files and some security software so you can keep it with you and plug it in anywhere to access your files.

They suggest using it in internet cafes, in school labs, at friends’ houses….. I foresee a lot of customer support calls from people who don’t realize many of those places restrict access to USB ports.

Emtec via engadget

Eee PC 901 adds Atom and Bluetooth for $650

The Eee PC 901 is the next upgrade to Asus’ line of ultra-portable laptops.

The 901 builds on the growing success of the Eee PC 900 by adding a battery life boosting Intel Atom processor and integrated bluetooth, plus some cosmetic touches such as metallic alloys accents to the keyboard, touchpad, and hinge.

It will be released (probably in Asia first) on June 3rd for “below” $650.

What isn’t clear is if that price is for a Windows XP version and whether there will be a less expensive Linux version. If that is the Linux price then the Eee PC 901 will face stiff competition from the slightly larger but substantially cheaper MSI wind.

Eee PC 901 via Digitimes

Black MSI Wind Photos

Black MSI Wind Photos

I’m excited about the MSI Wind – it seems to be the perfect blend of small size and inexpensive price while still retaining enough power to be usable.

I saw the pictures in white but wasn’t too impressed: white is too Apple. I wanted to see what it looked like in black and Mike Cane has come to my rescue posting a load of high-res pictures of the black MSI Wind.

I like it! and I want to take one home with me. Now!

Black MSI Wind Photos at Mike Cane via Lilputing

Is this the Eee PC 901?

Is this the Eee PC 901

Is this the Eee PC 901? This picture (along with others) was posted on French blog “blogeee.net” and is supposed to be the Eee PC 901 (The just released ultra-portable Eee PC 900 updated with an Intel Atom Processor).

Eeepc.net feels they aren’t real due to the lack of ASUS branding in the center of the cover. Personally we are 50/50 about it’s authenticity but we just wish Atom processors were here already.

What do you think? real or fake?

Is this the Eee PC 901 via eeepc.net

Gigabyte M528 price and specs

Gigabyte M528 price and specs

The Gigabyte M528 MID (mobile internet device) has shown up with specs and a price on the website of Australian importer Tegatech.

MIDs are designed to bridge the gap between VGA phones with qwerty keyboards using Windows Mobile or similar operating systems and fully fledged PCs running Linux or XP.

The Gigabyte M528 seems to bridge the gap nicely: it measures 6″ x 3.2″ x 0.9″ and has a slide out 47 key backlit keyboard like many high end phones.

For hardware it has a 800MHz Intel Atom processor, 512MB RAM, 4 or 8GB SSD, HSDPA 3G wireless module, and a 3060MAh battery which should give at least a 4hr battery life.

Software is a Linux operating system , and the price is listed as A$1199 (inc GST) which means it might sell for around $1000 in the US. Expensive but hopefully as MIDs become more popular the prices will come down to the Eee PC level.

Gigabyte M528 price and specs at tegatech