Hitachi DZ-WR90 portable Blu-ray burner

Hitachi DZ-WR90 portable Blu-ray burner

Hitachi has announced a new portable blu-ray burner designed to hook up to a HD camcorder.

The DZ-WR90 connects to your camcorder (and hopefully your PC but this isn’t known yet) via an eSATA connector and allows you to burn whatever footage you select. There is no editing capabilities built-in though so we feel this is only usable for the most rudimentary backup of video for later processing and refining.

The drives burns at 2x speed which means it takes 90 minutes to burn the maximum of 3hrs of 1080p video onto a blu-ray disc, and it also supports DVD-R discs and double sided discs (if you flip them over manually).

No price has been announced yet and the Hitachi DZ-WR90 portable Blu-ray burner should be available for purchase sometime in July.

Hitachi DZ-WR90 portable Blu-ray burner via Slashgear

Netflix player from Roku

Netflix player from Roku

Tired of waiting for your Netflix movies to appear in the mailbox? well if you have a Netflix subscription over $9/month and $100 to spare you can how pickup a Netflix set-top box that streams movies directly to your PC.

What’s the catch? no HD so far, not too many new releases, no built-in title search. If you can live with that then you get access to 10,000 movies titles (with more being added all the time) for no extra fee above what you’re currently paying for your subscription.

Netflix player from Roku via BGR

JVC GZ-MS100 camcorder uploads to YouTube

JVC GZ-MS100 camcorder uploads to YouTube

JVC has announced a new lightweight camcorder designed to simplify creation and uploading of YouTube videos.

The GZ-MS100 weighs just 9.5oz (with 2hr duration battery) and measures only 2.2″ x 2.7″ x 4.4″ but manages to pack in a 35x optical zoom and a 2.7″ color LCD screen. MPEG-2 video and 2ch Dolby Digital sound are recorded to a SD card allowing the storage of up to 3hr 45mins of “TV Quality” video or 1hr 50mins of “DVD movie” quality on an 8GB card.

So what’s the YouTube connection and how does that work? It seems simple: choose “upload” mode before taking a video and it saves an additional version of the video limited to 10 minutes and optimized for YouTube viewing. Once you are done connect the GZ-MS100 via a USB cable and then upload with just a few clicks.

This isn’t a HD camcorder, but SD card storage, YouTube, and high-def don’t go well together so no complaints there. The only thing it is really missing is WiFi so you could upload videos over you home network without needing to connect to a PC.

The JVC GZ-MS100 will be available in June for $349.99.

Twenty-two New Aquos LCD TVs from Sharp

new sharp aquos tvs

Some manufacturers release one new TV at a time, others release a single line of 4 or 5 TVs, not Sharp: they just announced a massive 22 new LCD TVs ranging from a little 26″ GX5 up to a humongous 65″ RX5.

Here’s what we know of the specs:

“X5 Series: Available in 65″, 52″ and 46″, with a contrast ratio of 3300:1 and a “living contrast” ratio of 1500:1, providing in total a stunning contrast ratio of 20000:1, and a brightness of 450cd/m2. Our TV is full HD with a new 120Hz panel and 12bit BDE image processor.

GX5 Series: Available in full HD and HD ready with panel size ranging from 26″ up to 52″. It also has the 120Hz ASV panel, a contrast ratio to 2000:1, and a brightness of 450cd/m2.

DS5 Series: Three full HD TVs, with sizes ranging from 32″ to 42″, it also features a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 450cd/m2 brightness, without the 120Mhz panel.”

A full press release should be out sometime soon but until then why not head over to Akihibara for a bunch of photos.

Twenty-two New Aquos LCD TVs from Sharp via Akihibara News

Powered HDMI From Visionware

Powered HDMI From Visionware

HDMI is a great way of transferring a video signal but like any cable the signal degrades over distance and as HDMI is a digital signal it is either strong enough to get though 100% or you get nothing.

At first glance the Powered HDMI From Visionware seems like a good product until you realize it is only 5m long – the cheapest quality $5 HDMI cable should conform to HDMI 1.3 category 1 which means it will get a signal through 5m, no amplification needed.

Just like monster cable and all the other overpriced “gold plated” or “proprietary silicone core” cables the $400 Powered HDMI cable from Visionware is no better than a $5 cable.

If you need to go further than 5m then look for a higher quality 24awg copper HDMI which should get you 12m, a fibre optic or ethernet extender cable that could get up to 50m (for 1080p signals), or alternatively wait a couple of years unitl more TV are out that send the signal wirelessly.

Powered HDMI From Visionware (via uberreview)

Sanyo LP-XC50 and LP-XC55 Projectors

Sanyo LP-XC50 and LP-XC55 Projectors

Sanyo has introduced two new projectors in Japan: the LP-XC50 and the LP-XC55.

Both have the new AMF (“Active Maintenance Filter”) system that reduces filter changes and prevents dust entering the projector, a solid security bar allowing the use of 11mm wire, 7-watt speaker, 1024×768 resolution, and DVI interface.

The LX-XC50 has 2600 lumens brightness and costs around $3000, while the LX-XC50 adds 500 more lumens for $500 more.

Sanyo LP-XC50 and LP-XC55 Projectors via about projectors

Sumitomo 40″ LCD in 2009

Not much info on this or even a photo of a prototype so here’s the press release:

Tokyo, May 9, 2008 (Jiji Press) – Sumitomo Chemical Co. <4005> said Friday that in 2009, it plans to launch the production and sales of large-screen organic electroluminescence display panels for use in televisions of 40 inches or larger.

President Hiromasa Yonekura said his company is considering forming alliances for the development of such organic panels. EL panels are thinner than liquid display panels and consume less power.

Sumitomo Chemical is developing so-called macromolecule-type organic EL panels. Because these can be produced through an ink-jet printing process, it is possible to lower production costs and make large displays, a company spokesman said.


Equinux USB Tubestick

Equinux has introduced a hybrid USB television receiver that contains two tuners – one for analog signals and one for digital, allowing users to watch and record all their favorite programs.

The Tubestick comes with interesting software that allows you to chat with other people watching the same show as you and to transfer recorded shows to an ipod or iphone.

Obviously it isn’t as good as a full dedicated media pc but for $129 it’s a good way to watch TV wherever you go.