Oregon Scientific Meteo weather watching watch

Oregon Scientific Weather Watch

It is true what they say – the British always talk about the weather (because it changes so much over there), and using the weather as a conversation starter is becoming easier thanks to the Oregon Scientific Meteo weather watching watch.

The watch has a built in barometer that displays one of 4 icons: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy and rainy, so instead of looking at the sky to see if it is sunny you can look at the watch instead.

Imagine the uses: you are out sunbathing in the park next to an attractive girl, your watch alerts you that rain is on the way, you can immediately jump into action, save her from the impending rain and suggest you head back to your place instead.

(via biosmagazine)

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Formula One concept watch

formula one concept watch

Designer John Pszeniczny has come up with a concept watch based upon Formula One racing.

The watch is constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal, and has 18 identical rubies.

If that isn’t enough it also tells the time in everyone of the 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit, and has a built in lap timer function and stopwatch.

Ok, I get the metal rubber and carbon fiber part…… but when was the last time you saw a race car blinged up with swarovski crystals??

(via gizmodo)
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