The golf caddy followed me home

autonomous golf caddy

Don’t be lazy and sit in a golf cart the next time you play a round, get out and walk and enjoy the fresh air and exercise!

What’s that I hear you say? “but my golf clubs are too heavy to carry around”. Well we have the solution for you: the Shadow Caddy.

This clever little robot follows you around the golf course carrying you bags of clubs (and presumably your liquid refreshment). How does it know where you are? via a transmitter you carry.

Trials of the Shadow Caddy are currently underway at four Melbourne Australia gold courses.

autonomous golf caddy via gizmag

Seiko slimstick exercise tracker

Seiko Slimstick

Pedometers have just been made obsolete by the Seiko Slimstick.

It doesn’t just count steps it has built-in dual-axis accelerometers that track the intensity of a workout to provide a more accurate readout of calories burned.

Unfortunately it is only available in Japan at the moment for around $55. It measure 0.8″ x 2.5″ x 0.35″ and weighs just half an ounce. It comes in a variety of brushed aluminum finishes: silver, pink, or gold.

(via technabob)
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Go Airboarding not Skiing


Do you think that skiing is boring?, that snowboarding is so 1990′s?, would you like to get close and personal with the snow?, then airboarding is for you.

An airboard is basically a reinforced inflatable boogie board for the snow, you just strap on a helmet (you will need it!), lie on the board, grab the handholds, and see where the slopes take you.

Steering is a good idea, and like skiing and snowboarding this is accomplished by shifting your weight.

If you want to try out airboarding you can buy an airboard from for $269.

(via MaterialSpieler)