MinBuntu: Ubuntu for the HP Mini-Note


Installing other operating systems on ultra-compact laptops such as the HP mini-note and the eee pc is usually a pain in the “you know what” due to issues with drivers to make sound, wifi and graphics work correctly.

A guy called Lee on the MiniNote forums has made it a lot easier for HP mini-note users to install the popular Ubuntu 8.04 linux operating system by releasing a ISO file called MinBuntu that can be burned to a CD and then used to install a fully working version of Ubuntu complete with all the correct drivers.

MinBuntu: Ubuntu for the HP Mini-Note via liliputing

18 Features Windows Should Have (but Doesn’t)

windows vista

PC World has published an interesting article on what the claim are the top 18 software features Windows Vista (and XP) should have but don’t.

I disagree with 3. Back to My Mac: if you were smart enough to keep automatic backups on Amazon’s S3 service then you could get the file easily and pay a lot less than $99/yr. A lot of the other features are already handled in windows by free third party software – why should Microsoft reinvent the wheel?

Overall I see nothing in their list that would make me ditch XP on my main PCs for Mac or Linux (even though I also use and like Linux).

(pcworld, via digitalhomethoughts)

Weather superimposed on Google maps

Weather underground wundermaps

Weather Underground has announced their new Wundermaps feature that superimposes precipitation maps and radar on the familiar Google maps interface.

They go way beyond what weather.com offers by also including all the weather stations that upload data to their service so you get a realtime picture of temperature and wind at multiple locations in the area.

Full press release:

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Toshiba laptops get facial recognition security software

toshiba satellite m300

Toshiba’s laptops with “fusion finish” (the U400, M300, A300 and P300) will now come with facial recognition software that won’t let you login unless your face (or whatever other part of your anatomy you waved at the webcam during setup) matches a database of stored user images.

In unrelated news police expect the number of decapitations associated with laptop thefts to increase.

“Hand over your laptop or else!, hold on that’s one of them fancy Toshiba ones, sorry mate I’m just going to have to decapitate you as well.”

(via hothardware)

Windows XP service pack 3 now available


As promised Windows XP service pack 3 is now available for download via Windows Update as a 70MB download.

Not the most exciting update ever but worth installing to make sure you have all the latest bug fixes.

Of course to download it Firefox users will have to start up IE and hope they can avoid spyware and malware while online the Microsoft way.


Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 released


It’s April 24th and you know what that means: Hardy Heron!

Hardy Heron is the latest version of the free Ubuntu linux operating system, and it is also the first version in a few years where Ubuntu is promising long ern support for the release (through 2011).

We like Ubuntu as a alternative to Windows on some of our PCs, it isn’t for everyone but if you are a bit technically minded it is very powerful and extendable.

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New version of AVG free antivirus available

AVG Antivirus

AVG Technologies have announced a new version of their free antivirus software will be available for download April 24th.

We have AVG on all our PCs and have never been successfully infected with a virus.

“With the release of AVG Free 8.0, we are underscoring our belief that all computer users, regardless of their computer usage needs, have the right to a safe and worry-free computing experience,” says Karel Obluk, chief technology officer at AVG Technologies. “However, it is important for users to remember that AVG Free does not protect against the full range of today’s web-borne threats. For complete protection, users should consider AVG’s commercial products, which scan for and block threats before they can infect the computer or disrupt the user experience.”