neuroArm Performs First Brain Surgery

neuroArm Performs First Brain Surgery

The thought of having brain surgery is scary enough but how about if you were told that you were going to be operated on by a robotic arm while stuck inside a MRI machine…. and that it was the first time the robotic arm had ever been used on a person?

A 21 year old Canadian Woman called Paige Nickason was that person, and recently she had a brain tumor successfully removed with the help of a machine called neuroArm.

Full press release follows.

neuroArm Performs First Brain Surgery via medgadget
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Raytheon shows off “Iron Man” exoskeleton


Ok, it isn’t bullet-proof and it can’t fly but Raytheon’s Sarcos Exoskeleton can carry 200lb and is agile enough to climb stairs.

It isn’t really practical yet and appears to be connected to power and computer via a thick set of cables but they have come a long way since they started on the exoskeleton in 2000.

My guess is that in about 10 years we will see these deployed with our military – not as laser wielding Terminators but as cargo loading assistants as in the movie Aliens.

(large photo gallery at raytheon)
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