Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers

Logitech has announced a bluetooth portable speaker system for cellphone users.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth system has four two-inch speakers (two active, two passive) and delivers 12 hrs of playtime before needing to recharge the built-in battery via USB.

You can also use it as a PC speaker or with almost any gadget that had a standard line-out.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers will be out in June for $150.

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers via crave

This ZIPPO is an MP3 player not a lighter

I’m willing to bet the Zippo lighter company has no idea this Zippo branded MP3 player from Chinese company Zarva exists.

Here’s the funny computer translation:

“Exterior features:

ZIPPO MP320 learned the inspiration for the design, integration forming the simple stainless steel casing, use a metal scrub process. The overall appearance of the atmosphere, chic, not too many decorative embellishment, a dynamic, strong, fashion-oriented.


MP320 using Actions 2091-dominated movement that supports MP3, WMA and other audio formats players, with natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, heavy bass sound of seven models can choose to support AB repeat, built-in Microphone, recording quality is also adjustable. Built-in 210 mAh lithium battery, a USB 2.0 high-speed transmission interface to ensure that the transmission speed. “

Zarva Zippo MP3 Player via PMPtoday

Wholesale price for a 1GB lighter is 188 Yuan (about $27)

iPod/iPhone Docks on Singapore Airlines

iPod Docks on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has announced that their “all business class” flights from Newark to Singapore now have iPod/iPhone docks at every seats, and that they will be available on Los Angeles to Singapore flights in August.

We don’t just mean the charge your phone type of docks, we means the type of docks that integrate your iPod or iPhone into the planes entertainment system so you can view your movies and photos and listen to your music via the planes 15.4″ widescreen LCDs and active noise-canceling headlines.

Very cool! I know what airline I want to fly next….. all I need is a good excuse to go to Singapore.

iPod Docks on Singapore Airlines (press release)

Creative MuVo T200 4GB

Creative MuVo T200 4GB

Creative’s answer to the iPod Shuffle, the Muvo T200, is getting a storage boost – going from 2GB to 4GB.

We prefer the MuVo T200 to the shuffle because you not only get a small (but usable) display and compatibility with standard MP3 and WMA music files, you also get to avoid being tied to Apple’s iTunes software.

The price for the 4GB MuVo T200 in Japan is 6980 Yen so expect it to sell in the $60 to $75 range in the US.

Creative MuVo T200 4GB (via slashgear)

Vita Audio R4

Vita Audio R4

The Vita Audio R4 with it’s sexy walnut veneer exterior will be a sure hit with guys who want to appear smooth in a modern day Barry White/Marvin Gaye (or maybe even Quagmire from Family Guy) kind of way.

More than just an iPod dock the Vita Audio R4 is an integrated music system with CD player, USB post, DAB and FM tuner, and iPod dock, all controlled by a “RotoDial” remote, pumping out the tunes of your choice through 80 watt speakers with an integrated active subwoofer.

The Vita Audio R4 will be available in June at a cost of £499.99 ($1000) for smooth walnut or £549.99 for nerdy white.

Vita Audio R4 via ShinyShiny

Hood.e: hoodies with built-in speakers

Hood.e: hoodies with built-in speakers

As if “urban youth” weren’t annoying enough, they can now buy hoodies with built-in speakers.

At least the speakers are unpowered so the noise shouldn’t be too deafening. Then again they will probably be less annoying that the people having loud one-sided bluetooth phonecalls.

Thankfully these are just a prototype for now.

(via makezine)

Recertified ipod came with a virus

ipod nano

Ina Fried bought a $99 recertified 4gb iPod Nano from buy.com. The ipod contained a virus (that thankfully was caught by antivirus software).

That iPod didn’t come from apple, it was recertified by an unidentified company in Illinois and supposedly buy.com checked and it was not a widespread problem.

As with any good deal online: caveat emptor (“buyer beware”).

(via cnet)

Now available: Samsung soundbar

samsung soundbar

We saw Samsung’s HT-X810 Home Theater Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer and integrated slot-in upconverting DVD player at CES and it is now available for purchase.

It blends in nicely with flat TVs, and has a 300W output including the wirelessly connected subwoofer.

Portable music players can connect wirelessly via bluetooth, and the HT-X910 also plays CD, DVD-Audio, DivX video, and MP3/WMA, upconverting video to 1080p on request.

(via electronichouse)