4″ flexible transparent OLED from Universal Display and LG

4 inch flexible transparent OLED from Universal Display

It may only be 4″ across (diagonally) and 320×240 pixels at the moment but this flexible transparent OLED display has massive implications for how we use and interact with technology in the future.

No more pecking away at a smartphone or trying to use a tiny keyboard and 5″ screen on the latest ultra-ultra-portable device: just unroll your full size monitor and keyboard and work productively.

Want to check your email, the latest twitters, or surf CNN? easy, the monitor is on your sleeve.

Time to watch TV? just roll down the blinds on your window and the TV rolls down with it.

Troops in Iraq being able to check each others locations on an overhead map display sewn into their uniform and the nearby medic getting the same view with vital signs superimposed.

Ok, we’re still a long way from anything like that but the prototype being shown off by LG and Universal Display is a big step in the right direction.

Press Release follows.

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BenQ v2400w 24″ LCD looks good

BenQ v2400w 24

We liked the BenQ v2400w 24″ LCD when it was first announced and now you can buy it (assuming you head over to Japan with the equivalent of about $580).

The v2400w is supposed to be the thinnest 24″ LCD in the world being mostly under 1 inch thick with a 2.44 inch max depth, it has cool little buttons under part of the screen instead of a bulky full width bezel, has an off center stand (which could mess up your wall hanging plans), has the standard inputs (HDMI, DVI, VGA), 1080p (1920×1200) display, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 16.7m colors, 1000:1 contrast, and 160 degree viewing angle.

Does it look good? yes, will we buy one? nope, I think we will stick with our collection of refurbished Dell 24″ monitors.

BenQ v2400w 24″ LCD via Akihibara

Dell 3008WFP 30″ LCD available again

Dell 3008WFP 30 inch LCD available again

The flagship 3008WFP 30″ LCD from Dell is available again to purchase on their site after a long hiatus caused by technical problems.

The return to the site would indicate Dell thinks the problems are fixed but we are still hearing complains from Dell customers with unresolved problems despite being sent replacement monitors.

For $2049 I wouldn’t risk buying one just in case the problems aren’t all resolved.

EVGA announces two USB graphics adapters

evga uvplus

EVGA has come out with a couple of cool new stackable USB based graphics adapters that allow you to easily add an additional monitor to your PC without needing to open the box.

They don’t have a GPU processor of their own so don’t expect to run games on them but they sounds great for adding an extra monitor for improved web browsing or locating widgets or email off your main screen.Both have a DVD outlet and a DVI to VGA converter for older monitors, the UV-12 supports up to 1280×1024 resolution and the DV-16 supports up to 1600×1200.

Fujitsu zero watt monitor

Fujitsu zero watt monitor

Fujitsu has developed a monitor that uses zero power when in standby mode.

“The primary component is a circuit element in the power supply unit of the monitor that is switched by the PC. As soon as the video signal of the computer subsides, a relay–an electrically powered switch–with two switching positions automatically interrupts the entire electrical circuit of the monitor. When the computer signal returns again, the low currents that then begin to flow across the interface are sufficient to trigger the relay and thereby restart the monitor. “

The zero watt monitors will be sold for the same price as a regular monitor starting this summer, expect other monitor manufacturers to follow suit.

(via physorg)

Six 24″ LCD monitors reviewed

Dell 2407WFP

X-Bit Labs have posted a review and face-off between six newer 24″ LCD monitors from Acer, Dell, NEC, and Samsung.

We were rooting for the Dell 2407WFP to win as we have two of them on the PC we use to write ShinyPlastic but here’s what they concluded:

“Although four out of the six monitors tested for this review are based on TN matrixes, I’m not disappointed. The main drawback of this technology is small viewing angles, but those of modern TN matrixes are suitable for most users. Of course, if you prefer to watch movies while lying on a sofa (with the monitor above your head level) or if you are just sensitive to minor deviations in contrast, you should consider models with *VA or S-IPS matrixes such as Dell 2407WFP-HC and NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX or those we tested earlier.”

In other words they didn’t pick any one as being the best.

(full reviews at xbitlabs)

Samsung Pebble Syncmaster 2232BW reviewed

Samsung Pebble Syncmaster 2232BW

Trusted Reviews has reviewed the $220 Samsung Pebble Syncmaster 2232BW 22″ lcd monitor.

Here’s what they thought:

“Samsung’s SyncMaster 2232BW Pebble draws you in with its great looks and smooth curves, but from the moment you assemble it to the instant you install it on your desk, you realise it’s a case of style over substance. It still manages to entice with its picture quality, but for the money there are better alternatives out there. If you are willing to sacrifice two inches, you can even get LG’s DisplayLink-enabled Flatron L206WU for your money, which apart from the design is superior in every respect.”

(review at trustedreviews)

Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX comes with mini-me 7″ monitor

samsung syncmaster 2263dx

Now this is a great idea: the Samsung Syncmaster 2263DX 22″ lcd monitor comes with a little 7″ 800×480 pixel LCD monitor on a rotating swing arm so you can position the mini monitor vertically or horizontally on any side/top of the monitor. Don’t worry about needing a dual output video card either: the 7″ monitor connects via USB.

I have two 24″ monitors on my main PC and I am always using all of both screens so it would be great to have a little side monitors where I could put widgets, im tool, email notifier etc.

The 2263DX also features a built-in 3 megapixel webcam, microphone, and 1.5w speakers. It is available not for an expensive $550.

(via digitaltrends)

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4 new Samsung LCD monitors

Samsung T260

Samsung has announced 4 new “touch of color” LCD monitors. “Touch of color” refers to a amber tint to the bezel which matches their series 6 and 7 LCD TVs.

The T190 ($259), T220($359), T240($499), and T260($599) are 19, 22, 24, and 26 inches, and supposedly have a 20000:1 contrast ratio, but as always take those contrast numbers with a pinch of salt.

The two smaller displays are available now and the two larger ones should be out in July.

(full press release after the jump)
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Apple 30 Inch LCD working with a PC

Apple 30 Inch LCD working with a PC

Ubergizmo reports that some guy has managed to get a 30 inch apple LCD ($3500) working with a PC via an PNY QuadroFX 3400 graphics card ($1500).

To back up the claim there are some nice screenshots of Doom3 running on the display at 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution (with low framerates).

It all looks very nice, but personally I can’t wait to hook up a fast PC to a Sharp AQUOS 45″ LCD and play Half-Life 2 for the 5 gazillionth time.

Post on Hardforum (via Ubergizmo)