Is that a herb garden in your dresser?

herb garden in your dresser

It’s been a while since we featured one of the many impractical ideas regularly uncovered by Yanko Design but we had to bring this one to you…..

It is a dresser (or bedside table) with the bottom drawer full of living (not for long) herb plants supposedly kept alive and healthy in that poorly ventilated dark enclosed environment by a low voltage bulb.

Commenter “Vaness” makes a good point saying:

“Awesome idea, but I see a fundamental design flaw – herbs will have a serious problem surviving in such low light conditions. From the picture it is clear that they haven’t been in there very long. Mildrew and other fungus, along with elongation of stems will both be serious problems. Herbs by their nature are high-light plants – in less than idea conditions they will suffer disease problems. Also, their aromatic compounds develop best in high light surroundings.”

To which the designer gave the non-response:

“simple answer that one Vaness pop a better bulb in their.”

I get the impression he didn’t really think things through to their logical conclusion when coming up with this idea.

herb garden in your dresser at Yanko Design

Sony WiFi Photo Frame

Sony Wi-Fi Photo Frame

Sony just launched a new WiFi enabled photo frame over in Japan.

The VFG-CP1 features a 7″ 800×480 screen, card reader, 512MB of memory, and a USB port.

It doesn’t just show photos though, it can play music, display the time, show RSS feeds, and get you the latest weather forecast.

The VFG-CP1 will be available on Japan on May 17th and will cost around $258.

(via engadget)

Sunbeam hot iron storage case

Hot Iron Case

Irons are a necessity: don’t iron your clothes and your boss thinks you are a lazy hippie, iron your clothes and you look smart and presentable and get a promotion.

A downside to irons has always been that they take ages to cool off so you leave them sitting there while you watch the kids and pets to make sure they don’t go play with the cord.

Now you can just put the iron away and forget about it in the Sunbeam hot iron storage case: it’s made of fancy heat resistant plastics, has adjustable silicon pads to hold the iron, and has a locking lid to keeps the kids/pets out.

Great idea and only $20 at Sunbeam

(via ohgizmo)

iLuv announces HD radios

iluv to copy apple

iLuv is one of the multitude of companies who jumped on the Apply iPod iMac iPhone bandwagon by putting the letter i in front of everything.

They just announced two alarm clock radios that receive HD radio broadcasts: the i168 at $89.99 and the i169 at $169.99. What’s the difference I hear you ask? the i169 looks cooler and has an iPod dock so you can listen to your iTunes when the iAlarm wakes iYou in time to go to your iJob.

Me? I’m “blessed” with a built-in alarm clock that wakes me at 4.40am every morning, even on the weekends……

Press release:
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Izona cooksurface – gas through glass

Izona cooksurface - gas through glass

The Izona CookSurface from Fisher & Paykel is an innovative blending of the beauty of a glass ceramic cooktop with the efficiency and controllability of gas compared to electric cooking.

Turn on the gas and the burner rises up out of the ceramic cooktop along with 5 pan supports, when you’re done cooking the burner and supports disappear back into the cooksurface.

The only negative we see is that space isn’t used efficiently with the large cooksurface only offering 3 burners.

(fisherpaykel via appliancist)

Orb Audio home theater speakers reviewed

orb audio speakers

Digital Home Thoughts has reviewed some speakers I had never heard of before: the Orb audio Home Theater Speaker System that retails for $549 and up.

Here’s what they thought:

“When it’s all said and done, the bottom line is that the Orb Audio speakers impressed me so much that I’m going to purchase my own set of these speakers. There’s no higher recommendation I can give than to say that this is the product I personally want to use. The Orb Audio speakers are not only smaller than the Harman Kardon speakers I had before, they sound better, look better, and made me never want to set up the old system again. While the overall package can get a bit pricey if you need two pairs of their HOSS stands, if you’re looking for a quality system – or an upgrade from that horrendously bad Home Theatre In-A-Box system you might have – Orb Audio has a range of solutions at every price point that will allow you to enjoy movies, music, games in ways you never have before. And because their system is so modular, you can start with a minimal Mod1 system and as long as you get the right kind of stands or mounts, you can add more speakers to your system over time. That’s a powerful advantage that I haven’t seen in any retail speaker solution, and is the cherry on top of what is already a luscious mix of tasty audio.”

(full review at digitalhomethoughts)

Solar powered fan


The power goes out, it is 100 degrees outside, your weird neighbor is already outside on the porch in his underwear while his wife tries to cool him with a newspaper, how do you stay cool?

With your solar powered fan of course!

The $70 portable solar fan from Maplin not only operates a 4W fan for 6 to 8 hours on full power it doubles as a lantern, alarm clock, and phone/mp3 charger.

(maplin via ubergizmo)

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Dixie chopper xcaliber – world’s fastest lawnmower

dixie chopper xcaliber

In the lawn mowing business time is money: the faster you can mow an acre the more lawns you can mow in a day.

The Dixie Chopper Xcaliber probably has a lot of lawn guys excited, not only because it’s 38hp engine 15mph top speed and 74″ cutting deck give a mowing capacity of 9.2 acres an hour, but also because it comes with springer forks, electric deck lift, and a 12 volt adapter for an ipod, cellphone, or portable beer fridge.

How much will all of that set you back? $11,000!

(dixiechopper, via i4u)
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The worlds smallest espresso machine

handpresso espresso maker

Are you one of those people that absolutely needs their daily espresso?

Now you can always have an espresso with the handpresso wild portable espresso machine:

“The patented high-pressure extraction system uses hand-held pumping to prime the device, ensuring the correct 16 bar pressure needed to produce the perfect cup of espresso.

Light and durable, the Handpresso can be stored easily in a drawer, backpack or with camping gear. The Handpresso, uses E.S.E standard pods, which ensures a premium quality in every cup, no matter where you are. This also eliminates the mess associated with espresso making when on the go.”

The handpresso wild is just 8.7″ x 3.9″ x 2.8″ and weighs 1.2lb. It is being imported into the US by importika where it costs $149.99.

(via appliancist)
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