Wind up electric shaver

Wind up electric shaver

Everyone has seen those wind up electric radios and torches but here is a new variation on the theme: a wind up electric shaver.

You can charge it at home or in the car, or if the battery is flat just wind the handle for a minute to get two minutes of shaving time.

The Wind ‘N Go Freedom Shaver is available for $46 direct from the manufacturer but I have to wonder how long it will be available for: those 3 individual floating and rotating heads look like they infringe on a bunch of Norelco patents.

Wind up electric shaver via gearlog

GPS Signal Jammer / Blocker

GPS Signal Blocker

As soon as someone invents a spying device someone else has to invent a way to block it, and that has just happened for those little GPS trackers you can put in your spouse’s car when you think they are fooling around.

The “GPS Tracker Defense” from Trackershack in the UK works exactly as you would expect: you plug it into the power socket (cigarette lighter) in your car and it stops any GPS device within 15ft from locking onto the GPS satellites.

Of course this also means your GPS navigation system won’t work either so good luck fining that little out of the way morel where your arranged your scandalous tryst.

(via tfts)

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MSN Direct SPOT watches R.I.P.

MSN direct spot watch

Back in 2004 we reviewed a MSN Direct Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch and it wasn’t exactly awe inspiring: bulky, unattractive, poor coverage (a bit like the people that wore them)


Microsoft tried to keep them alive but finally pulled the plug:

“As of recently, the Smart Watches with MSN Direct have sold out and are no longer for sale. While we continue to move forward with MSN Direct and seeking out new opportunities for devices that would benefit from the MSN Direct service, we, along with our watch partners, do not have immediate plans to create a new version of the Smart Watch, as we are focused on other areas of our business. We will maintain support of our watch customers and continue to deliver information to the watches, but we do not plan to increase our investment in the watch business going forward.”

Sawstop table saw won’t cut your fingers off


Ever wanted to do a manly project involving lots of wood but worried you might get a splinter or maybe even cut your hand off? well Sawstop can help you (with the hand part, you will still get splinters).

The table saw is designed to instantly (well ok, within 5 milliseconds) retract into it’s housing when it detects the electrical conductivity of a finger (or other appendage) as opposed to the wood it is supposed to be cutting.

They even have a video showing it cutting someone’s sausage! (a hotdog, what were you thinking??)

(more at sawstop)

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Ooh! Nice Toy!

Homemade Mecha

Alaska is a state where men are men and thermal underwear is required.

In Alaska there are a lot more men than women and as it takes more than muscles and a plaid shirt to attract the ladies, I can see where the inspiration for 26 year old Carlos Owens little project might have came from.

Carlos is building an 18 foor tall Mecha; an exoskeleton that he can climb into and take 8 foot long strides, crushing cars with it’s massive pincer hands.

All it needs now is the flamethrower.

More at Cnet

Fossil Wrist Net Watch Review

Fossil Wrist Net Watch Review

Christian over at WatchReport reviewed the new Fossil Wrist Net MSN Direct Watch (the FX-3005) which is supposed to be more stylish than the bulky old Fossil Wrist Net watches.

“The updated Fossil Wrist Net is definitely a step in the right direction, though it’s important to note that the focus was on aesthetics and comfort.

I’m not going to make a final determination as to which watch — The Fossil Wrist Net or the Swatch Paparazzi — is the better of the two since I think that’s a completely subjective question and depends entirely on preferences and priorities.”

More at WatchReport

Swiss Army Knife USB Drive

Swiss Army Knife USB Drive reviewed the Swiss Army Knife with a built in USB drive.

The fact that products like this are so easily available just adds to my dismay over the hype PalmOne were trying to give the USB drive function of the $400 Tungsten T5.

If you can buy a 512mb USB drive for $50 or a 1gb USB drive for $100, or you can buy a high quality swiss army knife with 128mb drive for $99, why would you buy a $400 Tungsten T5 with 140mb of storage?

Getting back on subject, hardexteme liked the knife. I think it would be good guy for anyone who usually carries a swiss army knife and needs some USB storage (i.e. your typical sysadmin guy).

hardexteme review

The Man Bag

the man bag axible gadget storage bag

jkOnTheRun took a look at the Axible gadget storage bag, also known as “The Man Bag”.

The Man Bag tries to fill a tricky product niche: a small bag for the guy who has too many things to fit in his pockets (phone, pda, book, keys, etc etc).

Why is that a tricky niche to fill? simple: it must absolutely definately positively be impossible for the bag to be mistaken for a purse.

Did jk’s Man Bag pass the “man purse” test?, check out his review and see.

Man Bag review at jkOnTheRun

Buy Gas with your Watch

casio g-shock gws-900 exxon speed pass watch

Casio have announced a new watch in Japan that lets you pay for gas at Exxon gas stations that support Speed Pass.

The watch will be available in Japan from October 22nd and will cost 26,000 yen (about $230).

In related news, a gallon of gas will soon cost more than this watch.

Personally I like the idea of technology being built into watches as a watch is the one thing I am guaranteed to be carrying all the time, however I would much prefer it to be in a watch that looks nice, not a big lump of plastic that looks like a refugee from the 1980′s.

(via wristdreams)

Suunto n3i Slim SPOT watch

suunto n3i wrist net SPOT watch smartwatch

Suunto have announced a new MSN Mobile connected SPOT watch: the n3i.

I reviewed another SPOT watch (the Fossil Wrist Net) a while back and didn’t like how bulky it was, so this seems like a good improvement.

The Suunto n3i costs around $300 (plus MSN Direct subscription), supports standard straps, is water resistant to 330ft, is just 13mm (0.5″) thick, and can be charged via AC or via a USB port.

The Suunto n3i will be available October 15th.

(via spotstop)
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