Fuel cell powered vacuum cleaner backpack

Fuel cell powered vacuum cleaner backpack

Here’s an interesting concept: a fuel cell powered vacuum cleaner backpack.

I like the idea as cleaning the house gets really annoying when you have to keep dragging the power cord from room to room plugging in unplugging ad-infinitum.

The backpack part of it is a bit weird though: a single shoulder strap holding up a rapidly spinning motor, ethanol fuel cells, and a pile of dirt sounds like a recipe for back pain.

Fuel cell powered vacuum cleaner backpack via trendsnow

NEC VersaPro VE – they say it’s Green, but we disagree

NEC VersaPro VE

NEC has announced a new VersaPro VE laptop that comes with an “Eco Button”.

Sounds great right? but what does it do?….. all it does is decrease energy consumption by 20% by reducing the CPU speed and screen brightness. Hello?? is that all. Isn’t that what automatic power management software does? they are replacing an automatic system that works effectively with a manual system.

If you want to consume 20% less power just buy a different laptop, one with a less powerful processor… if you want to have a powerful laptop but consume less power when you don’t need it then use the power management software properly…. if you really want to be green look for a laptop that maximizes the use of recycled materials and has a low power processor and small screen….. whatever you do just don’t buy the VersaPro VE with the eco button because you think you will be helping the environment.

The NEC VersaPro VE seems to be just another marketing ploy by a company pretending to be green in order to get your greenbacks.

Specs: 15.1″ 1280×800 lcd, 2Ghz Core 2 Duo T7250, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM.

Price: Not known

Our interest level: Zero

NEC VersaPro VE via Akihibaranews

E+ electric bike

electric motion systems bike

We used to think that electric bikes were just for lazy people who wanted to pretend they were exercising, but with the cost of gas these days an electric bike is starting to look like an economical alternative for short trips*.

The E+ ebike from Electric Motion Systems will get you to the grocery store and back easily at 20mph (30mph allowed off road) with a range of 20 miles of you are lazy or up to 40 miles if you actually do a little work and pedal occasionally.

* although for it to be economical at a cost of $3,495 you would need to ride over 30,000 miles to save money over the cost of buying gas at $3.50/gal for a car that gets 30mpg.

(electric motion systems via autobloggreen)
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Mira H4V: plugless plug-in hybrid

Mira H4V Hybrid

A consulktancy firm in the UK, MIRA, has created a hybrid car system that can be retrofitted to existing cars at a cost of about $4,000.

The H4V takes the form of three large battery packs that sit in the trunk of your car and can be unplugged and moved elsewhere to be recharged if needed.

On their test car (a Skoda Fabia) the H4V system increaded fuel economy by 61 percent and reduced emissions by 39%.

We see only two flaws with this system:

1: Skodas aren’t sexy.
2. How many people will be comfortable moving heavy battery packs with the words “DANGER LARGE DC VOLTAGE” on them?

(via autobloggreen)
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Think Electric Car coming to the US

Think Electric Car

Norwegian Automaker Think Global has announced plans to sell their Think electric car in the US.

The Think can go 110 miles without needing to recharge it’s batteries, has a top speed of 65mph, and is 95 percent recyclable.

Think has lined up two venture capital firms and plans to build the cars in Southern California, they hope to sell 30-50k cars a year at $25k a pop.

Not a bad car for people who stick to the city and suburbs, but don’t think of going on the interstate unless you want to end up as roadkill plastered to the front of a 50,000lb truck.

Slingshot Water Regenerator

Slingshot Water Regenerator

Dean Kamen the inventor of the segway just went on the Colbert Report with the latest iteration of his “Slingshot” water regenerator.

This fascinating invention makes 1000 liters of fresh clean water per day from just about anything, and is powered by a stirling engine generator running off cow dung (that produces 1kw of excess energy: enough to light a small village).

There are so many people around the world that lack access to fresh water, wouldn’t it be great if just a little of the billions in overseas aid went to something like this instead of filling the pockets of tinpot dictators.

The defense department should also look into this, instead of burning barrels of “waste” at forward operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan they should use the waste to power one of these to give our servicemembers more power and water.

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