Gizmondo is coming (again)

gizmondo console

Back at CES in January 2005 we got to play with one of the first Gizmondo gaming consoles and we weren’t impressed. (Actually we thought it was a piece of cheap crap that was on a rollercoaster ride to oblivion.)

Well guess what? after sales of about $2m (and a loss of about $382m in 2004/5 amid links to Swedish organized crime) they went bankrupt, and the Gizmondo disappeared for ever…… until now.

Like diarrhea from extra spicy chili you can’t get rid of it that easily: Carl Freer (the founder of Gizmondo) has confirmed that he is hard at work on the relaunch of the Gizmondo which will be “upgraded” to Windows CE 6 and will have a separate graphics chip.

Stayed tuned for live coverage of this trainwreck as it happens……..

gizmondo stuff at engadget

Xbox 360 kiosks for hospitals

xbox 360 kiosk

Microsoft is giving a bunch of Xbox 360 kiosks to children’s hospitals – I’m sure that will be especially appreciated by the kids who have hurt themselves playing Wii.

Microsoft Corp. today announced a new partnership with Companions in Courage, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and families who are overcoming life-threatening obstacles. As part of its commitment to providing fun, interactive entertainment for children, Microsoft is supplying hundreds of Xbox 360 game kiosks to playrooms in children’s hospitals across the country, intended to provide a respite for young patients and be a catalyst for fun. In addition to select games, movies and television content, the Xbox 360 kiosks will provide access to a secure, private network that allows hospitalized children across the country to play games and chat over Xbox LIVE, the world’s largest social network connected to television.

Obama blames GTA4 instead of bad parents


At a campaign stop in Indianapolis Obama attacked Grand Theft Auto 4:

“Now, this isn’t intended for kids, although I promise you there are kids who are playing it, but these video games are raising our kids. Across the board, middle-class, upper-class, working-class kids, they’re spending a huge amount of their time not on their studies, but on entertainment.”

Typical Democrat blaming an inanimate object instead of people: the gun went off and killed him, the drugs made him the way he is, the computer game raises our kids wrong.


It isn’t the computer game that creates bad kids, bad parenting causes bad kids.

Why doesn’t Obama blame bad parents for letting their kids have access to adult themed games? because he doesn’t want to lose their votes.

Waiting for the PSP

Sony PSP Playstation Portable Price and Release Date

The Sony Playstation Portable is now available in Japan, and SorobanGeeks has lots of photos of hundreds of crazy Japanese people (plus a few tourists) waiting outside at 1am for the stores to open.

Expectations of a US release date and price for the PSP are March and $150-$160.

In the bad news department Tim Rogers reports that the PSP has pathetic battery life: under 3 hours.

Photos at SorobanGeeks

Sony PSP Playstation Portable Price and Release Date

Sony PSP Playstation Portable Price and Release Date

Sony has announced the price and release date for the PSP Playstation Portable game/entertainment console, and it is better than anyone expected.

The PSP will be available in Japan on December 12th and will cost 19,800 Yen (about $185).

Expectations of a US release date and price for the PSP are March and $150-$160. (Comparable to the Nintendo DS which will retail at $150).

(via cnet)

Make Half Life 2 Run Faster

make half life 2 fun faster

Half Life 2 is going to be the second game this year to really push the CPU, processor, and memory requirements of your PC to the limit.

If you want Half Life 2 to run faster and look as good as possible graphically you could drop a couple of grand on new hardware or you could read IGN’s Half-Life 2 Optimization Guide.

The Half-Life 2 Optimization Guide tells you how to make Half Life 2 run faster by tweaking your existing systems.

The tips start with the obvious: removing spyware, defragmenting your hard drive etc, then move onto more detailed graphics card driver settings and tweaking the windows XP memory and file system.

IGN Half-Life 2 Optimization Guide

Buy Half-Life 2 for $44.99 at

Sony PSP Playstation Portable Pricing

Sony PSP Playstation Portable Pricing

Update: Yep, it was a fake. Don’t believe the information below.

Playstation Magazine in the UK claims the scoop on pricing for the Sony SPS Playstation Portable. May be fake but here’s what they say:

Package 1: Playstation Portable, Rechargable Battery, Battery Charger, 32MB MemoryStick: $199.

Package 2: Playstation Portable, Rechargable Battery, Battery Charger, 64MB MemoryStick, Strap with Headphones, Camera: $299.

Package 3: Playstation Portable, Rechargable Battery, Battery Charger, 256MB MemoryStick, Strap with Headphones, Camera, Aluminium Case, GPS, Translation Software: $399.

(thanks Dave, John, and gizmodo)