Funai blu-ray player: $298 at Wal-Mart

Can’t afford the high prices for blu-ray players? well a slightly cheaper alternative has been spotted at Wal-Mart in the form of the $298 Sylvania or Magnavox branded Funai MB500 blu-ray player.

It looks like a 1980′s set top cable box, only supports blu-ray profile 1.1, probably sounds awful, and still costs $100 more than a great HD-DVD player did a few months back.

Thanks again Sony for buying your way to victory for your inferior product over HD-DVD.

$298 Blu-ray via EngadgetHD

R2-D2 DVD Projector: Want!


So when we first heard about the $3000 R2-D2 DVD projector we thought it would be really cheesy.

Now there is a video out and it is cheesy but in an awesome spectacular way!

This thing moves around, projects movies onto the wall at 1024×768 (1500 lumens), can lead back and project onto the ceiling, 20 watt speaker system, ipod dock, it does everything (except electrocute other robots).

How long until the first video comes out showing some 40 year old overweight geek in his basement pleasuring himself to the tune of “help me obi-wan kenobi, you’re my only hope” while wearing his homemade princess leia slave costume?? *shudder*

(video at starwarsblog)

EyeTop Wearable DVD System Review

EyeTop Wearable DVD System Review

LiveDigitally has posted a review of the EyeTop Wearable DVD System and we agree with most of their conclusions, especially the part about feeling queasy when you wear it for too long:

“Overall, I felt the Eyetop DVD was a well-made product, with a lot of attention to putting together a complete package. As far as the viewing experience goes, I found the system to be hard to watch, and have a feeling many adults would feel the same way. Which leads me to think the product might be better suited for teenagers or young adults.”

Um, make that “teenagers or young adults who don’t mind looking like a dork”. I won’t be buying a system like this until they can make one that doesn’t look like a leftover prop from a bad 80′s Sci-Fi series.

More at LiveDigitally

Yahoo Electronics

Yahoo Electronics home theater and dvd

The first Yahoo! branded electronics (made by Diamond Electronics) have now been officially announced.

The announcement covered two home theater systems (the YHT-630, a $199 210 watt compact system, and the YHT-650, a $269 system with more features) and three DVD players (the YDP-305, a $79 DVD player with memory card reader and USB, and the YDP-700 and 701 which are both compact $99 DVD players).

It is nice to see Yahoo! moving into consumer electronics but this seems like a very cautious entry. I hope to see more interesting electronics from Yahoo in the future like portable hard drive video players and LCD/plasma TVs: Yahoo is all about the portal, so they need electronics that work with (or sync with) the Yahoo! portal.

Yahoo! Consumer Electronics store

Pioneer 16x DVD Burner

pioneer 16x DVD burner DVR-A08-J

Pioneer has started selling the DVR-A08-J: the first DVD writer capable of writing DVD-R and +R at 16x speed and dual layer (DL) discs at 4x speed.

This means that 8.5GB of data can be written to a DL disk in about 25 minutes.

The DVR-A08-J is available in white, black, and silver colors.

(thanks BIOS)