Acer announces Predator gaming PCs

Acer Predator PCs

Acer has announced a new line of high-end gaming PCs that feature an interesting lever open case design (that looks like a cross between Gordon Freeman and Transformers) and the tagline “Faster. Deeper. Harder. Further” (which hopefully won’t get this page tagged as “adult” in the search engines.

These PCs come with Vista (unfortunately), Intel Core 2 Extreme or Quad processor, nforce 780i SLI chipset, up to 8GB RAM, 4 hot-swappable RAID capable hard drive bays, and up to 3 way SLI with Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX graphics cards.

No word yet on price or availablity.

Acer Predator PCs

Averatec All-in-One PC

Averatec All-in-One PC

Averatec are coming out with an all-in-one computer that looks pretty nice.

For $1299 you get a 22″ 1680×1050 LCD, Core 2 Duo processor, 320BG hard drive, 2GB RAM, GeForce graphics, 1.3 megapixel webcam, 4-in-1 memory card reader, and dvd/cd writer.

I think a trend we will see in the next year will be the convergence of the low cost low power ultra portable and the all-in-one-pc for home use:

For about $400-$700 you would get an all-in-one PC that is great for everything except gaming (perfect for a kids pc or a kitchen pc) with 15″ screen, Atom processor, 1GB ram, 80+GB hard drive, WiFi/bluetooth.

We use an old laptop connected to a 15″ LCD and bluetooth keyboard/mouse like this in the kitchen at the moment – it is always available to lookup a recipe, check CNN, delete spam from this website etc and you don’t need to carry a laptop or tablet from room to room.

Averatec All-in-One PC via ubergizmo

MSI Wind desktop benchmarking

MSI Wind desktop benchmarking

A Japanese site “PC Watch” got their hands on a MSI Wind desktop and ran some benchmarks to compare the wind’s 1.33Ghz Atom processor against a pair of Eee pcs.

This isn’t exactly a fair comparison but it does give us a good idea of what Atom processors are capable of, and shows that they are a viable solution for those who want a low powered Windows ultra-portable.

MSI Wind desktop via liliputing

YAEC: the KL-PC701


Yet another Eeepc clone: this one is the KL-PC701.

Nothing really exciting in the spaces department: 7″ LCD at 800 x 480 pixel resolution, XBurst 400 Mhz 32-bit processor, Linux 2.4 operating system, 10M/100M Ethernet connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, 128MB RAM, 512MB NAND flash memory, SD memory card slot, USB 2.0.

Wholesale price (for 100+ unit order) is $195. Why is it so cheap? because they forgot to include a hard drive or decent sized SSD.

KL-PC701 via ubergizmo

Samsung’s Prototype AMOLED laptop

Samsung's Prototype AMOLED laptop

Samsung has shown off a prototype ultrathin laptop that has a 12.1″ 1280×768 AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic LED) screen that they claim has 20x the contrast ratio of standard LCD plus has much lower power consumption (due to it not needing backlighting).

While this is just a prototype the screens are entering production so we should be seeing AMOLED laptops sometime in 2009.

Samsung’s Prototype AMOLED laptop

Xtreme 917V Quad-Core Xeon Laptop

XtremeNotebooks has released what is probably the first Quad-Core Xeon powered laptop in the US.

For the base price of $3699 you get a 17″ 1600×1050 pixel screen, NVidia GeForce Go 8800M graphics, Intel X3360 Xeon Quad-Core processor, 1GB RAM, and 80GB hard drive, but if you are spending this much you may as well go all the way and upgrade to dual graphics cards, 1920×1200 screen, 4GB ram, and 3 RAIDed 320GB drives bringing the total to just over $5500.

It doesn’t look too pretty and weighs a ton but if it is raw power you are looking for then the Xtreme 917V laptop delivers.

Xtreme 917V Quad-Core Xeon Laptop via laptoping

OLPC and Microsoft hook up

Microsoft has started playing nice with the non-profit OLPC (one laptop per child) who plan on providing $100 laptops to schools in developing countries.

In a test bed starting month the laptops will be available as a dual boot with both the current “sugar” operating system and Windows XP/office. How is this possible on a machine with just a 1GB flash memory? Easy: they cheat by putting XP on a 2GB SD card.


Samsung makes laptops?

samsung laptops

Samsung makes laptops? seriously I never knew that, I think once this posts I will click the little Amazon search thing below to see if I can find some.

The lack of market visibility for Samsung laptops in the US probably explains why their market share really really sucks (1.7% of the worldwide market) and why it is make or break time for them according to their Senior Manager of Overseas Sales & Marketing, Sukyong Hong.

At a press briefing in the UK he stated that Samsung needs to triple their market share by 2011 or they will be forced to exit the laptop business.

Sounds like Samsung needs to put a lot of effort and marketing into breaking into the US market, especially the larger business customers who love to buy Lenovo or Dell.

Update: The Amazon search only returned a Toshiba laptop and I looked at the Samsung US site and they don’t even list any laptops. Marketing 101: If you want to triple your market share try making your products available to see and purchase.


Dell not dumping XPS

Dell not dumping XPS

Yesterday we told you about a Wall Street Journal story that said Dell would dump their XPS brand of gaming PCs in favor of Alienware (who they bought a couple of years back).

Now a Dell spokesperson is disputing that story saying that “Dell XPS and Alienware are both great brands – arguably the greatest brands in PC gaming – and both will live on. But we are going to expand our focus on Alienware. We are going to invest like crazy in product development, design and engineering to propel Alienware as the premier gaming brand in the future. We are integrating the best gaming product development, engineering and design teams in the industry — Alienware and XPS — and this all-star lineup will be supported by a worldwide sales and marketing organization.”

Translation: we aren’t really killing off XPS 100% but all the attention is going to be on Alienware.

Dell Dumping XPS story