ATI Radeon 4800 update and delays

ATI Radeon 4800 update

More details are coming out about the ATI Radeon 4800 launch that was supposed to happen in May but now appears to have been pushed back to mid-June (not good for ATI as this means Nvidia will have their new high-end cards out first).

The Radeon 4800 will come in 3 512MB varieties: 4850, 4870, and 4870 X2, plus there will be a 256MB 4850 for OEM builders.

Tom’s Hardware has a lot more info on the features of each card.

more at Tom’s Hardware

Creative Sound Blaster XFi

Creative Sound Blaster XFi

Creative announced their Sound Blaster XFi today. The XFi is a USB 2.0 external sound card that support 5.1 surround sound, offering an easy sound upgrade path for any desktop or laptop owner.

For S$99 (about $70) you get full cinematic surround sound plus EAX advanced HD for more realism in games.

The Creative Sound Blaster XFi USB 2.0 external sound card will be out by the end of May.

Creative Sound Blaster XFi at FarEastGizmos

9900GTX And 9900GTS drawings leaked

9900GTS And 9900GTX drawings leaked

Is this a leaked drawing of the upcoming Nvidia GeForce 9900GTX and 9900GTS graphics cards that use the GT200 chip?

No-one is certain but we suspect the drawing of the 9900GTX and 9900GTS is a fake.

Tom’s Hardware has a good analysis of the drawing: they support triple-SLI, the GTX has up to 300w of power coming in, and there are some inconsistencies on the memory and the presence of a NVIO chip.

Geeks love rumors and we expect a bunch more gossip about the 9900GTX and 9900GTS in the days and weeks to come.


Echo-free USB to phone adapter for Skype


CuPhone has announced an Echo-free USB to phone adapter for Skype, that seems simple to use: plug it into your computer, plug in your phone line, and plug in your phone.

Once that is done you can use your phone to make or receive both skype call and regular landline calls, plus the call quality will be improved because th adapter has built-in echo cancellation technology.

This is a product I would buy and use: my wife travels a lot on business and when she is in Asia or Europe we rely on skype computer to computer calls to save money, but that means we have to arrange calls times in advance so I can be at the computer with a headset on ready for the call. With this product I could just pick up my regular phone and talk.

The CuPhone Echo-free USB to phone adapter for Skype is available now for $34.


OCZ announces 4GB PC3-16000 DDR3 memory kits

OCZ announces 4GB PC3-16000 DDR3 memory kits

OCZ is now the leader in the race for the fastest most awesome overclockable desktop pc memory.

They just announced the availability of 4GB PC3-16000 DDR3 memory kits designed for overclockers who want the best possible memory.

They are 100% hand-tested, have a lifetime warranty, and unsurprisingly the price has not been released – if you need to know the price you probably can’t afford it.

(press release)

Steelseries ikari laser mouse and 7G keyboard hands-on

Diotek Handwriting recognition for the iPhone

Engadget got their hands on the Steelseries ikari laser mouse and the new 7G keyboard that launched May 5th.

Here’s what they thought:

“Both of these products are obviously built for pro and casual gamers, but we found a productivity boost in our regular day-to-day blogging operations, which requires large quantities of precise link clicking (how’s that for a resume line item?) and rapidly written posts. In addition to these two, SteelSeries is bringing its entire line of Euro-popular gaming peripherals to the States, including headphones and crazily fancy mouse pads.”

(loads of photos at engadget)

3 way SLI GeForce 9800 GTX testing

3 way sli

tbreak have dome some testing to see how the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX scales from single use to dual SLI through to triple SLI.

Here’s what they found:

“So there you have it- at the resolutions that we tested these games under, Triple SLI does not really bring much to the table. Out of the eight games, there was noticeable (20% or higher) difference in four- Company of Heroes, Crysis, Enemy Territory and Lost Planet. The other four games didn’t show that big of an improvement.

Also worth noting is that Crysis did not play well with 4X AntiAliasing and Triple SLI. Company of Heroes wasn’t too happy either. However, these are expected driver issues that will be solved sooner or later.

So at the moment, Triple SLI might only be worth for people with displays capable of extremely high resolutions- we’re talking 30″ LCDs here. For everyone else including a high-end gamer that plays at 1920×1200 with 4X AA, your standard dual card SLI is more than capable and the scaling of Triple SLI is not required.”

(full review at

Dvico FusionHDTV7: first dual HDTV PCI express tuner

Dvico FusionHDTV7: first dual HDTV PCI express tuner

Dvico has launched what they say is the first dual tuner HDTV PCI express TV tuner.

It allows you to watch or record two 1080i HDTV channels at one time using two of the latest XC5000 silicon TV tuners from Samsung and supports digital cable (64QAM/256QAM) and ATSC terrestrial reception.

The FusionHDTV7 is available now at cyberestore for $139.00.

(cyberestore, via tvsquad)