Hands on with the Siemens SX66 (XDAIII)

Hands on with the Siemens SX66 (XDAIII)

Lots of people have been waiting for the XDAIII pocket pc cell phone with slide out qwerty keyboard to become available in the US.

As we mentioned previously it is now available throught Cingular Wireless and we got to try one out yesterday.

The SX66 is a quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM phone that will work almost anywhere in the world, the windows mobile software and 3.5″ QVGA 320×240 pixel touchscreen allows it to operate as a pocket pc/pda with all the usual features such as web browser, email, contacts, calendar, pocket word, pocket excel etc.

The SX-66 also has a 400MHz processor, 64MB ROM 128MB RAM, 802.11b wireless, bluetooth, SD/MMC card slot, is 2.82″ x 4.92″ x 0.74″, and weighs 7.4oz.

The SX-66 feels good in the hand and the keyboard has a good feel but the keys are so small they would take getting used to, especially if you have large fingers. Despite that it is a lot better than no keyboard at all and we think this is the best pocket pc phone available in the US today.
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iriver H10 MP3 Player

iriver H10 MP3 Player

iriver let us play with their new H10 5gb MP3 player last night, and we like it.

The iriver H10 is a competitor to the iPod mini but has a number of advantages over the older mini: a color screen with a nice user interface, displays your photos, FM tuner and recorder (even allowing you to schedule recordings), and a 12 hour removable battery.

Overall it feels good to carry and the navigation touch strip feels easy to use.

The iriver H10 is available in 4 colors (we like the red best), is 3.8″ x 2.2″ x 0.6″, weighs 3.4oz, and will cost $279.

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Nyko iBoost Mini

Nyko iBoost Mini

This is an interesting little iPod mini accessory from Nyko, a company best known for it’s innovative gaming controllers.

The iBoost Mini is a battery that connects to the bottom of your iPod mini and provides an extra 10 hours of power, you can sync, dock and/or charge the mini with it attached, it doesn’t come off easily so it won’t fall off when you are working out, and it has some smart charging/discharging features:

When it is attached power drains from the iBoost first so your mini’s main battery stays full.

Also when you recharge it the mini’s main battery is charged first, ensuring you always have as full a main battery as possible.

No price announced yet but my guess is that it will be in the $60-80 range.

Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

Home Heartbeat Wireless Security System

In an ideal world your home would have been wired for a modern security system when it was built, but for most us it isn’t an ideal world and we are put off of having a security system installed by the cost and inconvenience of having someone making holes in our walls to run wires.

Home Heartbeat from Eaton promises to solve that problem; it is a wireless (802.15.4 zigbee) security system that appears simple to install and use.

Every component is wireless (from door sensors, to water shutoffs, to electrical outlet monitors) and is monitored from a central base station and home key.

The home key is a little gadget you can carry with your keys and it shows you the status of all your sensors as long as it is within 60 to 90 feet of the base station; beyond that you can get the base station to send SMS messages to your cell phone.

More info about Home Heartbeat

CES Party Report #2

ces coverage

Here we are with another update from CES.

Last night’s party was the Digital Experience press event: Digital Experience is not an official CES event but it’s the place to go as it is much bigger than the official event; 100 companies in the grand ballroom at the Bellagio, lots of space to mingle, great selection of good food, lots of bars, and a very nice ice bar serving cocktails…. I recommend the Raspberry Cosmopolitan.

We saw loads of interesting new gadgets, gizmos, and consumer electronics thingies, and made some good contacts to get product to review for you in the future.

Lots of posts to come today and into the weekend. Today is the first “real” day of the show with the show floor open to the public so we will be down there searching the thousands of booths for cool gadgets.

Bill Gates Keynote

Bill Gates CES Keynote

Yawn, move on, nothing interesting innovative or exciting to see here. I don’t know why they thought it would be good for Bill to be on stage with Conan O’Brien, put a funny man and a dull man together and the dull guy just looks worse, it’s like hanging out with the ugly people at school so you look better in comparison.

Something else I don’t get: if you are doing a major keynote presentation you should make sure your technology is working so you don’t get the blue screen of death and/or broken slideshow that Bill encountered. I don’t care if you are the richest man in the world; you still look bad when your presentation goes wrong.

On the positive side Bill did get in a good plug for TivoToGo. Tivo are getting lots of good publicity at the moment with this and with AMD featuring them prominently as well.

Oh, and as expected no sign of the Xbox 2 yet.

More LG LCD TV Details


We had the scoop on the new big LCD TV from LG earlier today and now we have more details.

The new 55″ LCD TV will have 1920×1080 pixel (1080p HDTV resolution) and both digital and analog tuners. There will also be new 42, 37, and 30″ LCDs that have 720p resolution.

LG also announced some new Plasma TVs including a massive 71″ plasma tv with 1080p resolution that costs an equally massive $75k.

Engadget has a bigger photo of the LCD TV

Nevo SL Universal Controller

Nevo SL Universal Controller

If you have a high-end audio-video solution and/or a media pc and you want a high-end remote control to go with it you can’t go far wrong with the Nevo SL.

The Nevo SL is completely customizable via a web interface, supports universal plug and play, and sports a 203MHz Samsung processor, 32MB RAM / 64MB SDRAM, a color 3.5″ 320×240 pixel LCD touch screen, has consumer IR and 802.11b Wi-Fi, a 1350mAh battery, and runs Windows CE.NET 4.2.

The Nevo SL is 4.78″ x 1.98″ x 0.76″ and weighs 7.4oz. Cost is expected to be $799!

Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget

Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget

Singapore company Tronic are announcing a new gadget at CES, or to be more exact a new PMG or “Portable Multimedia Gadget”.

Basically it is like a cross between a tablet pc and a handtop pc such as the Sony U750P. It has a 1GHz Via Eden processor, 20GB hard drive (up to 80GB available), 128mb RAM (up to 512mb available), an 8.4″ SVGA 600×600 pixel LCD screen, bult0in bluetooth 802.11g modean and 10/100 ethernet, has 3 USB 2.0 ports, a PCMCIA card slot, and runs Windows XP.

At 9.16″ x 7.62″ x 1.66″ and 2.62lb it is bigger and heavier than the OQO or U750P but at $1199 it is almost half the price.

More from Tronic

Pure Networks Network Magic

pure networks network magic

We have a lot of tech gadgets at home all connected together and the biggest thing that drives us crazy is when something goes wrong with our network. Usually we end up disconnecting everything, rebooting the cable modem, rebooting our router, restarting all all devices, getting new IP addresses etc.

At times we have thought “wouldn’t it be great if we had some software running that could visually show us all our network and help us understand any problems”.

That is why we were happy to bump into Pure Networks and their Network Magic software as it does exactly what we were looking for:

“Network Magic software elevates home networks from an uncooperative collection of hardware — cables, routers, adapters, PCs, printers, and other devices — into a finely tuned, smoothly running network, all while leaving you firmly in control. After all, you’re not asking for much from your home network. You just want to be able to plug it in, turn it on, share some pictures, print where you want, surf when you please—you know, enjoy yourself.”

From Q2 Network Magic will also be included with D-Link routers.

Learn more and get a Beta version of Network Magic