Dell Axim X50 Photo?

dell axim x50 photo

Engadget found a pic on an Asian forum that is supposed to be the Axim X50 but it looks faked to me, too much like the old Axim X5.

Here’s what is known about the Dell Axim X50:

Like the X30 there will be 3 models, presumably called High, Mid, and Low with different processors and/or memory to differentiate them.

The X50 high will have a 3.7″ VGA (640×480 pixel) screen, and all versions of the Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC will feature both a compactflash and a SD memory card slot.

Dimensions are said to be similar to the Dell X3 and X30 but the design will be different.

Expect other features of the Dell X50 Pocket PC to be similar to the X30: wireless and bluetooth in the high, lots of memory, removable battery etc.

This has the potential to be a killer Pocket PC, correcting the only big drawback of my X30 with the new VGA resolution screen.

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