New Feature: Reviews

gadget reviews

A goal of this site is not just to tell you about the latest gadgets and where to get the best price on them, but to review them for you and tell you where to buy them.

For sites like Cnet, Wired and New York Times that is easy, they get sent the gadget for free and they write a review, but we have to actually buy the gadgets we want to review.

The plan therefore is to do longer term reviews of products, most sites use a product once or twice then move onto the next one, we however are going to use each gadget for at least a couple of months before telling you all about it.

Yes, it wont be a review the day the product comes out but it will potentially show up more negatives and flaw than the typical cursory inspection by a major site.

Here’s some of what we have bought with our hard earned pennies and will be reviewing once we have used them enough to develop strong opinions:

  • Norelco 9984XL (James Bond Shaver)
  • Firefly PC Remote Control
  • iPod Mini
  • Dell X30 624mhz Pocket PC
  • Subscription
  • Plantronics DSP-500 USB Stereo Headset (and Skype voice over IP)