Sharp goes wireless for TVs

sharp wireless tv

Sharp has announced a wireless option for their super-thin X-series LCD TVs.

For about an extra $800 your TV comes as the screen plus a separate tuner/control box that communicate wirelessly with each other at a range of up to 100 feet. Plug your cable and DVD boxes into the control box and hide the whole package away somewhere for a clean crisp minimalist TV viewing experience.

(either that or buy a regular tv and run a conduit inside your wall to hide the cables like we did).

Full press release:

SHARP to Offer Ultra-thin LCD TV with Wireless HDTV Link by AMIMON

AMIMON’s WHDI Technology Enables High Quality and Robust
Wireless Uncompressed HDTV Link to Sharp’s New X-Series LCD TVs

Santa Clara, Calif. and Osaka, Japan – April 30, 2008 – AMIMON Inc., an emerging leader in semiconductor technology for wireless high-definition (HD) video, has partnered with leading LCD TV manufacturer Sharp Corporation to offer a wireless HDTV link for the Sharp X-Series ultra-thin LCD TVs. AMIMON’s WHDIâ„¢ technology, capable of delivering uncompressed HD video streams wirelessly, will simplify the installation of Sharp’s ultra-thin LCD TVs by eliminating the need for an audio/video cable between the TV panel and the separate tuner unit.

AMIMON’s WHDI technology uses a unique video-modem approach to deliver wireless uncompressed HDTV. With a range of over 100 feet (30 meters), through multiple walls and with latency of less than one millisecond, WHDI technology offers universal wireless whole-home HD connectivity with quality equivalent to that achieved with HDMIâ„¢.

“WHDI is becoming the technology of choice for wireless HDTV,” said Dr. Yoav Nissan-Cohen, chairman and CEO of AMIMON Inc. “With AMIMON’s WHDI technology, consumers can enjoy wireless ultra-thin TV displays that are easy to install and easy on the eyes.”

Sharp’s new X-series models, which come in 37-, 42- and 46-inch screen sizes and are only 3.44 cm thick (at their thinnest part), go on sale in Japan in April. This series adopts a discrete component configuration that separates the display section from the tuner section, and these two sections can be connected with a cable or by using an optional wireless video transmitter unit that employs AMIMON’s WHDI technology.