Weather superimposed on Google maps

Weather underground wundermaps

Weather Underground has announced their new Wundermaps feature that superimposes precipitation maps and radar on the familiar Google maps interface.

They go way beyond what offers by also including all the weather stations that upload data to their service so you get a realtime picture of temperature and wind at multiple locations in the area.

Full press release:

Weather Underground Launches the Most User-Friendly, Interactive Weather Map Available on the Internet

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30 /PRNewswire/ — Weather Underground, the
nation’s first online provider of weather related content, today announced
the availability of its new interactive weather map. Sharing its namesake
with the website, the WunderMap(TM) is an interactive visual display of
weather information that is plotted and overlaid on a map interface. Users
can choose from a variety of weather layers, including animated radar,
current conditions, severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings, live webcam
images and animated infrared or visible satellite imagery showing cloud

The interactive WunderMap(TM) feature can be accessed from the
WunderMap(TM) link on the main page of or
directly at the following link Users
will find the new feature useful in that it provides a meaningful and
uniform representation of multiple types of weather data in an easy to use,
interactive format. The level of user-interactivity that can be achieved
with the WunderMap(TM) makes it a powerful tool for avid meteorologists,
while still maintaining a clean and intuitive design for the casual weather

“We have created the most comprehensive, user-friendly interactive
weather map available,” said Alan Steremberg, president and co-founder of
Weather Underground. “No other online weather map offers such a range of
options or layers that can be overlaid or taken away as directed by the
user. Someone can select to see only the radar loop or they can choose to
view the temperature readings from the Personal Weather Stations in any
given area.”

In addition to the new WunderMap(TM) feature, Weather Underground
currently offers a comprehensive suite of weather related services,
including the recently announced sports weather feature, streaming weather
radio, personal WebCams, Wunder Photos, and the Personal Weather Station
(PWS) network, which allows users to link their home-based automated
weather stations to the Weather Underground community. Thousands of station
owners already participate in the Weather Underground worldwide network,
allowing the company to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute weather