Six 24″ LCD monitors reviewed

Dell 2407WFP

X-Bit Labs have posted a review and face-off between six newer 24″ LCD monitors from Acer, Dell, NEC, and Samsung.

We were rooting for the Dell 2407WFP to win as we have two of them on the PC we use to write ShinyPlastic but here’s what they concluded:

“Although four out of the six monitors tested for this review are based on TN matrixes, I’m not disappointed. The main drawback of this technology is small viewing angles, but those of modern TN matrixes are suitable for most users. Of course, if you prefer to watch movies while lying on a sofa (with the monitor above your head level) or if you are just sensitive to minor deviations in contrast, you should consider models with *VA or S-IPS matrixes such as Dell 2407WFP-HC and NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX or those we tested earlier.”

In other words they didn’t pick any one as being the best.

(full reviews at xbitlabs)