Sony NW-HD2 Network Walkman

Sony NW-HD2 Network Walkman

Meet the new Sony, same as the old Sony.

I4U found a Japanese press release announcing the Sony NW-HD2 network walkman, successor to the NW-HD1 network walkman released just a few months ago.

Excitment was mounting: would it support MP3 instead of the proprietary ATRAC format?, would it have a color screen?, would it have a larger hard drive than 20gb?, would it be more relaistically priced?

Unfortunately all they seem have changed on the the Sony NW-HD2 network walkman is the color: you can get it in silver, pink, or blue.

The Sony NW-HD2 network walkman will be available in Japan October 10th, and probably the US soon after that.

(via I4U)