Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse Review

logitech MX900 bluetooth Optical Mouse Review

The MX900 is Logitech’s Cordless Mouse that connects with Bluetooth Wireless technology and uses their new MX Optical Engine which they say is the fastest most accurate mouse technology around.

What do I think of it? read the full review below and find out…..

I wasn’t planning to get a new mouse but all of a sudden my Microsoft Intellimouse Optical gave up the ghost. As I saw it I had 3 options:

  1. Get another wired optical mouse (decided against this as the dog is always tripping over cables: probably why my current mouse died)
  2. Get a regular wireless mouse (I had one of these before and it caused problems with my 802.11b wireless network)
  3. Get a bluetooth wireless mouse (I have a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for my media pc and it has two problems: poor battery life, and takes a long time to wake up)

After a bit of research I decided to try out the Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse as it promised fast response times and rechargeable batteries.


The packaging is attractive, clearly showing the mouse has no wires and no balls. The box shows the mouse is rechargeable and has some kind of base station, and the blurb on the back highlights the accuracy and the wirelessness (is that even a word?), and lets you know you need a PC with Windows 2000 or XP to use it.

logitech mx900 bluetooth mouse review packaging

The box contains the following:

  • The Mouse
  • Bluetooth Wireless Hub/Docking Station
  • CD with Drivers
  • Installation Guide
  • Two 1800mah NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • AC Adapter

Packaging/Contents Rating: 9/10 (no full manual, just a setup guide)


Installation and Setup was easier than expected:

  1. Turn off the PC
  2. Plug the AC adapter into the outlet and into the USB connector end of the docking station
  3. Plug the USB connecter into the USB port on the PC
  4. Open the little latch on the back of the mouse and insert the 2 rechargeable batteries
  5. Put the mouse on the docking station (2 little metal contacts on the bottom of the mouse meet 2 contact on the base station) and charge the mouse (doesn’t take long)
  6. Turn on the PC and test the mouse

In my case the mouse worked immediately, if it doesn’t you can install the drivers and press the connect buttons on the mouse and the base station so they find each other.

logitech mx900 bluetooth mouse review docked

Setup/Installation Rating: 10/10 (no problems)

Using the Mouse

I do real-world reviews not reviews with accurate to the millisecond timing, I use the item as a real user would, for a period of time, and report back on how it works for me:

Visually the mouse looks good, a 2 color (silver and blue-grey) curvy shiny plastic version of the average mouse. It is heavier than a regular mouse but fits my (average male sized) hand well and moves smoothly around a mouse mat.

logitech mx900 bluetooth mouse review front view

One thing I disliked about my old mouse was that it was too easy to hit some of the extra buttons (specifically the button on the left side of the mouse), but that isn’t a problem with this mouse. The two main mouse buttons are easily clicked and have a good tactile feel and noise, the scroll wheel is easily reached and moves smoothly (although I prefer the ridged feel of some other scroll wheels). The other buttons, however, are a different story: the two buttons on the left side of the mouse and the 3 small buttons above and below the scroll wheel are all difficult to get to so I never find myself using them.

One of the big selling points of the mouse is the MX Optical Engine which provides 800dpi resolution, 10g accelaration, 40 inches/second speed etc. I have no idea what that all means and how it compares to a regular mouse so let me just say this thing is really responsive, fast and accurate!

Another big selling point is battery life, having the docking station means that I never have to replace or recharge batteries, I just put the mouse back on the docking station whenever I remember (typically once every few days) and never have a problem with the batteries running low.

Supposedly the docking station works as a Bluetooth adapter for other Bluetooth gadgets (printers, headsets, PDAs, etc) but I haven’t tested this yet.

I wouldn’t use this with a laptop as the docking station is a bit bulk to carry around and is needed for recharging, but for a desktop PC it is a great solution.

Useabilty Rating: 9/10 (some buttons difficult to reach)


This is the best mouse I have ever used, it is a little more expensive than most mice (even other Bluetooth mice), but in my opinion it is worth it. Installation is simple and seemingly idiot proof, and it corrects the two problems I had with other wireless mice: battery life and response time.

Overall Rating: 9/10 (difficult to find fault with this mouse)

Price/Availability: Regular price is $99.95, but as of July 29th you can get it from Amazon.com for $83.99 with free shipping (click for Amazon product page).