Ticketime – are these guys on drugs?


This has to be the craziest idea I have seen all day, and I have just spent the last 12 hours trying to find stuff to post here on ShinyPlastic.

The ticketime concept from Yanko Design is a combination boarding pass and watch. First you use it as a boarding pass, then the little seethrough magnetic watch part is set to show the time of your return flight, you keep the little watch as a reminder of when you need to be back at the airport for the return flight, when you get back to the airport you use the watch as your boarding pass for the return flight.

Do they think people don’t already have watches?
What happens if people lose their magnetic watch, or it is stolen?
Isn’t it just easier to print your return boarding pass online or at the airport?
What happens if the time of the return flight changes and it is delayed or canceled?
What happens if you change your return flight?

I give this idea 10/10 for drugged out stupidity.

(more at yankodesign)