Samsung’s compact color laser printer, world’s smallest?

samsung compact color laser printer

Samsung have announced two new compact laser printers and are claiming one of them is the world’s smallest color laser printer:

“The CLP-315K which is 20% smaller than the previous generation the CLP-300, 45dB, a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, 32MB of internal memory, 16 pages per minutes (Black) and 4 pages per minutes (Color). Finally Samsung also announced that they drastically improved the photo output quality of this new generation.

The CLX-3175FNK, an All in one laser color printer with a build-in scanner (Black & White, Color) and a Fax. Here Samsung succeed to reduce up to 40% the size of this model compare to the previous generation the CLX-3160. On this model you can easily scan document to an USB Key or even print document store on the very same USB key without the need of a PC”

I tried getting more information from the Samsung home page in Korea but they just have pictures of women, apples and butterflies.

(via akihabaranews)