Asus making Eee a seperate brand

eee pc 900

Digitimes is reporting that Asus is considering splitting off Eee as a separate brand:

“Asustek Computer is considering making Eee an independent brand with a lineup products including the original Eee PC notebook, as well as the previously reported upon Eee TV (E-TV), Eee desktop (E-DT), and Eee monitor which are all expected to be introduced by the end of the third quarter this year, according to industry sources.

Through separating Eee as a sub-brand, Asustek believes the product family will be able to jump out of the low-cost market bracket.

In other news, in addition to the Eee PC 900, the company will launch the Eee PC 1001 with a 10-inch panel as well as an 11-inch model by the end of this year, market sources have revealed.”

(via digitimes)