PQI Phoenix RAM: that’s quite an impressive heatsink

PQI Phoenix Ram

A bunch of other sites posted about this new RAM from PQI today. It was actually released a month ago but you know how the internet is: someone posts something, other people copy the post without checking the facts etc.

Another example was the “new” combination microwave/toaster that was all over the gadget sites last week…. we have had one of those in our office for the past year (mini review: it feels cheap but does a good enough job).

Anyway, back to this RAM…. I can’t tell if that heatsink is on steroids or viagra, either way it looks pretty impressive. The specs of the 4GB memory kit aren’t bad either (see the full press release after the jump).

Taipei, Taiwan ~ World class memory solutions provider, Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) has released the Phoenix Series ~ Turbo Immortality Edition DDR3-1600 4GB dual channel kit. With a tested operating frequency of 1688MHz at 1.54V and 2GB capacity, the module is sure to boost your computing experience to the next level.

In compliance to JEDEC standards and compatible with Intel’s X38 chipset, PQI’s Phoenix Series ~ Turbo Immortality Edition DDR3-1600 memory is made of Elpida’s 70nm 128M*8 modules. When working in dual channel, a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 25.6GB/Sec can be reached. Utilizing Intel’s latest XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) motherboards, the chipset will automatically overclock the modules to boost system performance.

Using high profile heatsinks with increased heat dissipation area (effective up to removing 20% heat), PQI’s Phoenix Series ~ Turbo Immortality Edition DDR3-1600 4GB dual channel kit modules can be cooled effectively when working under extreme speeds and conditions. Lifetime warranty is offered so customers can rest assure when they buy PQI’s DDR3-1600 4GB dual channel kit, quality is guranteed. For more PQI news and the latest PQI product information, please visit PQI at www.pqi.com.tw.

Product specifications:
Chip: Elpida 128*8 with 70nm process
Working voltage: 1.54V
Latency: 8-8-8-24
Maximum working frequency: 1688 MHz (@1.54V)
Dimension: 133.35 x 30 x 4 mm
Platform Chipset: X38