HP iPod hewlett packard 4th generation 20gb 40gb

Meet the new iPod, same as the old iPod.

HP posted all the details of the new iPod+HP (aka Apple iPod from HP) on their website and its totally underwhelming.

The iPod+HP appears to be identical to the 4th generation Apple iPod, same price same storage (20gb or 40gb).

Only difference found so far is that HP is offering “HP Tattoos”, sticker that go on the iPod related to various artists (Ashlee Simpson, The Cure, Gwen Stefani, Keane, Lloyd Banks, Sting, The Who, The Hives, and Vanessa Carlton). The tattoos come off easily so you wont be stuck with an embarassing tattoo in a few years….. Hmm, call me old but I might like a Who sticker for my iPod mini.