Turn your iPod into a remote control

ipod mini

Engadget’s weekly how-to article this week is about how to turn your iPod (any flavor will do) into a universal infrared remote control.

While this seems like a great idea here’s what I don’t get… you need an iPod, a Pocket PC, a PC or Mac with sound recording software, and a hardware IR device… so why not just use the Pocket PC as the remote control??

Many Pocket PC’s these days are designed with a good IR range and there is software available to make your Pocket PC act as a universal remote control (some Pocket PC’s (such as some iPaq’s even ship with free versions of that software)

Here are some programs for your pocket pc:

Vito Remote (hmm, the name sounds a lot like Tivo, what a coincidence)
TV Remote Controller (with voice activated commands)
Novii Remote

Alternatively if you have a media PC and want to control Microsoft Media Player remotely from your Pocket PC over a wireless network you can try Zerama Remote, or try controlling iTunes and your Apple Airport Express with eyeTuner (thanks PocketPCThoughts)

(Engadget Article)