hRiver h140 wins EISA award

iriver h140 audio player

The EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) has chosen the iRiver H140 as the top Audio Player (“European New Media Audio 2004-2005 award”).

The H140 is a 40gb hard drive based MP3 player, with USB 2.0 interface, and 16 hr battery life.

The iRiver H140 supports MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV and OGG music files.

The EISA liked the H140 because: “This very well made portable player has a built-in hard drive whose 40 gigabytes of memory make up to 10,000 MP3 titles available to mobile users. The USB 2.0 port facilitates very fast data transfer for all kinds of files. Besides MP3s, the device can also play WMA, WAV, ASF and OGG music files. Its feature set includes a rechargeable battery, a built-in VHF tuner and a microphone for the user’s own live recordings. Users can operate the player either with the built-in controls or with a remote control unit supplied with the product. A large backlit display shows all the information they need. The sound quality, which is excellent by portable standards, and the long list of features make the H140 the clear winner.”

The H140 is available from Amazon for $399, and the newer H340 is already available in Europe.