They Call It a Laptop…..

Dell Inspiron XPS

…. but I’m not sure if I would want it on my lap.

PC Magazine has reviewed the latest incarnation of the Dell Inspiron XPS “desktop replacement” laptop.

This 9.8lb (probably excluding battery) 14.1″ x 10.8″ x 2″ thick $4400 monster boasts a 3.4GHz Intel Pentuim 4 Extreme Edition processor, Mobility Radeon 9800 Pro graphics, and 256MB DDR2 memory.

Frankly I don’t get it, a ten pound laptop is too big to carry around, gets too hot to keep on your lap for long (and could benefit from the chillpak we mentioned recently), and despite it being plugged as an extreme gaming system it only managed a 3DMark05 score of 2300, a full 1500 points less (and $3500 more) than we got with a $649 Dell Desktop PC upgraded with a $200 graphics card.

If you absolutely have to have a large laptop for gaming this is a good choice, otherwise give it a miss.

Full review at PC magazine