Mira H4V: plugless plug-in hybrid

Mira H4V Hybrid

A consulktancy firm in the UK, MIRA, has created a hybrid car system that can be retrofitted to existing cars at a cost of about $4,000.

The H4V takes the form of three large battery packs that sit in the trunk of your car and can be unplugged and moved elsewhere to be recharged if needed.

On their test car (a Skoda Fabia) the H4V system increaded fuel economy by 61 percent and reduced emissions by 39%.

We see only two flaws with this system:

1: Skodas aren’t sexy.
2. How many people will be comfortable moving heavy battery packs with the words “DANGER LARGE DC VOLTAGE” on them?

(via autobloggreen)

Large Image:

Mira H4V Hybrid