Dell Inspiron XPS 2

dell inspiron xps 2

Dell’s second new laptop announcement is targeted straight at gamers who use laptops, not the largest market segment but a fast growing one as gaming capabilites of laptops exceed last years fastest desktop PCs.

The Dell Inspiron XPS 2 (second generation of the XPS) is big and heavy (8.6 pounds) but not as big or ugly as the previous XPS.

The XPS 2 is also a big leap forward over the XPS in terms of technology, sporting the Sonoma chipset (instead of a desktop P4 chip), DDR2 RAM, 256MB GeForce Go 6800 PCI-Express graphics, 17″ 1920 x 1200 widescreen LCD, and a load of LEDs that you can change the color of (and presumably make the laptop run faster??).

The XPS2 laptop is available now from Dell starting at a substantially wallet breaking $2,749.

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