Clone your Kitty

cloned kittens

“Genetic Savings & Clone”, a pet cloning company, has announced the first commercially produced clone, a kitten called Little Nicky that cost it’s new owner $50,000.

Little Nicky is a clone of (unsurprisingly) a cat called Nicky who died aged 17.

For your $50k “GSC will provide you with a video of the cloning process, birth of your clone, presentation party and dinner as a personal keepsake and remembrance. Your video will be provided in either VHS and DVD format.”

7 people have signed up so far at $50k each to get a clone of their cat, and it isn’t clear how many more have signed up for Genetic Savings & Clone’s storage service where for $295 to $1395 (plus $100 a year) you can get your pets DNA stored.

Oh, and if your pet dies suddenly they have instructions to put your pet in the refridgerator (don’t freeze it) and arrange for a biopsy immediately.

Hmm, we love our dog Buddy, but probably not to the extent of $50k, especially when there are so many good dogs and cats being euthanized every day in animal shelters. So if your pet dies don’t give 50k to Genetic Savings & Clone, donate some money to your local animal shelter and get a new pet that would otherwise be killed.

Genetic Savings & Clone (via slashdot)