Sexy Media Center PC

Oncinema Teatro D1 Media Center PC

Now this is one sexy piece of Italian design, the OnCinema Teatro D1 Media Center PC.

The OnCinema Teatro D1 is made of aluminum, comes in silver and black, prominently features a 1280×720 pixel touchscreen LCD, and costs a jaw-dropping 5000 euros ($6000).

There is no mention when you buy of what processor or memory you get with at (irrelevent details?), but you do get a dual layer DVD recorder, 500GB hard drive space, 802.11g wireless, USB 2.0, firewire, Dolby DTS 7.1, dual TV tuners, and a host of outputs including S-Video, component, DVI and lots more.

Foxy!, do you think it’s too late to call santa and change my wish list?

OnCinema home page (Italian) (via Gizmodo)

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