Denon DVD-1740 reviewed

Denon DVD 1740

Trusted Reviews reviewed Denon’s $150 entry level upscaling DVD player which lacks DVD-audio and dolby digital support but does include upscaling to 720p 1080i and 1080p via HDMI.

What did they think of it?

“We can’t deny that the DVD-1740 is a very competent deck, but even taking its excellent performance into consideration we can’t help but feel that you can get more for your money elsewhere – the Pioneer DV-600AV, for example, adds DVD-A, SACD, WMV and AAC playback plus a USB port for the same price, putting the Denon’s feature list to shame. The Denon’s pictures are possibly better, but not enough to make up for the lack of these features – most people would choose extra bells and whistles over fractionally better pictures any day of the week.

But judged on its own merits, the DVD-1740 is a solid player, once again demonstrating the Japanese brand’s uncanny ability to wring the very best performance out of a player within the limitations of its price point. Build quality is superb, the rich, cinematic quality of the images it produces are ideal for movie fans – even those with demanding bigscreen displays – while the smooth audio playback means you can ditch your old CD player with confidence.”

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Denon DVD 1740