Toshiba planning 512GB SSD for next year

Toshiba Large Capacity SSD

Toshiba Semiconductor Company’s President Shozo Saito is predicting massive growth in the SSD (solid state drive) market in the next year.

At an IDEMA (International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association) function in Japan he predicted that SSD will account for a quarter of all hard drive sales by 2011 and announced that Toshiba is planning to ship 512GB SSDs by next year (2009).

This growth in production will hopefully allow prices of SSDs to drop to a level that makes them more affordable: between 1.4 and 3.2 times the prices of regular laptop hard drives.

People still say that the limited number of writes to flash memory before it fails is a limiting factor for this technology but an average user should get at least 10 years out of a SSD, and I imagine in 10 years we will be using much bigger drives than 512GB and will have retired our SSDs (10 years ago the largest drives were 10GB now they are 1TB, at that growth rate we will be at 100TB in 10 years).

(via crave)