Glofish M800 reviewed

glofish m800

Phone arena has reviewed the Glofish M800 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with VGA resolution 640×480 2.8″ screen 64MB RAM 256MB ROM, 3.5G HSDPA / UMTS plus quad-band GSM with GPRS, the SIRF Star III GPS, WiFi 802.11b, twin cameras (QVGA in front and 2Mpix flash at the back), all run by a Samsung 500 MHz ARM mobile CPU.

Here’s what they thought of it:

“Is the M800 revolutionary device – definitely not. Is it worth upgrading from X800 – only if you really want QWERTY (there’s nothing else new). Is it worth getting? It depends, if you are on the market for a (Windows Mobile) smartphone, the M800 is still a nice device. Although it is neither the fastest, nor the prettiest (and yes, we don’t like the capacitive keys!) it is one of the few out there with a high-res (VGA) display. Of course, it has some negative sides, but it is a matter of compromise. Overall, the TyTN II is better, but only if you could live with the nowadays mediocre QVGA display. We leave the decision to you.”

(full review at phonearena)

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glofish m800