New seats to make flying economy more tolerable

Cozy Suite Seats

As I write this entry my wife is half way through an 11hr flight back to the US from Japan, and last week she flew almost 15hrs to China in economy. I have been on many similar trips so trust me when I say flying long-haul in economy is a nightmare.

Imagine the typical flight, you are stuck in a middle seat with an obese guy asleep next to you, he is leaning in your direction, falling into a deep deep sleep, he start snoring, then falls face first into your lap.

That is why I am excited at the concept of the Cosy Suite Seat from Thompson Solutions: you are still crammed into roughly the same space but you have room to lean and fall asleep without nosediving into someone else crotch.

For space they claim 2 more inches of width and leg room but I bet they use the extra space to cram more rows in.

Delta is going to install the Cosy Suite Seats in their 767 and 777 aircraft by 2010, and I hope American and United are taking notes: you need to make economy more comfortable too!

(via dvice)

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Cozy Suite Seats